BPharma, PY704 : Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Theory 7th (VII) Semester RGPV / RGTU B Pharma, PHARMACY 7th (VII) Semester Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV PY704 : Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Theory Syllabus
BPharma 7th sem PY704 : Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Theory Syllabus
BPharma 7th - Seventh Semester Syllabus

PY704 : Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Theory Course Contents:

Historical Development :

Immunology and Immunological Preparations :
Principles, Antigens and antibodies, Antigen-antibody reactions and their applications, Immune system.Cellular humoral immunity, Immunological tolerance, Hypersensitibity, Immunological and diagnostic preparations: Methods of their preparation, standardization and storage.

Enzyme Immobilization –
Techniques of Immobilization of enzymes, Kinetics and factors affecting enzymes kinetics, Enzymes based sensors, Study of enzymes such as Hyaluronidase, Penicillinase, Strepto- Kinase, Amylases etc. Immobilization of bacteria and plant cells, Applications of Immobilization.

Genetic Recombination :
Transformation, Conjugation, Transduction, Protoplast fusion, Gene cloning and their applications, Monoclonal antibodies and hybridoma technology, Recombinant DNA technology: Concepts, Methodology and Pharmaceutical applications. Study of drugs produced by biotechnology such as Activase, Humulin, Humatrope, Introne A, Monoclate, Orthoclone OKT3, Referon-A, Recombivax HB etc.Drug delivery systems in Gene therapy.

Microbiological Transformation –
Intoduction, Types of reactions mediated by micro organisms. Design of biotransformation processes, Selection of organism, Biotransformation processes and its improvements with special refrence to steroids.

Industrial Biotechnology –
Historical development, Fermenter and its design, Control of different parameters in fermentation process, Isolation of mutants, Use of mutagenic agents, Factors in influencing rate of mutation. Design of fermentation process, Fermentative, production of Alcohol, Acetic acid, Penicillin, Streptomycin, Riboflavin, Vitamin B12.

B.Pharm. Semester- VII PY 704 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Practical

List of Practicals
1. Detect the presence of the amylase enzyme in saliva.
2. Isolate the DNA from cauliflower.
3. Perform VDRL test for the given sample of blood.
4. Isolate the phospholipid from egg yolk .
5. Perform WIDAL test for the given sample of blood.
6. Perform DOT ELISA test of the given sample of blood.
7. Isolate the total RNA from yeast tablet.
8. Immobilize the given enzyme by adsorption method using calcium alginate beads.
9. Perform titre value of antibody in given blood sample.

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