BPharma, 5th (V) Sem PHARMACEUTICS- VI PY-501(COSMETIC TECHNOLOGY)RGPV / RGTU B Pharma, PHARMACY 5th (V) Semester Syllabus

PY-501 PHARMACEUTICS- VI BPharma 5th sem Syllabus
COSMETIC TECHNOLOGY- BPharma 5th sem Syllabus
BPharma 5th - Fifth Semester Syllabus

B. PHARMA- V SEMESTER (Modified on 14/06/10) Effective for 2008 – 2009 Batch


Fundamental of cosmetic science. Structure and functions of skin and hair. Formulation considerations, preparation, packaging and evaluation of the following categories of cosmetics-
  • Face Preparation: Face powder, Compact powder, Talcum powder, Face packs and Masks.
  • Skin Preparation: Skin creams, Anti-wrinkle preparations, Barrier materials, Protective creams and gels, Vanishing creams, Cold creams, Cleansing creams, all purpose creams, emollient, Anti-perspirant,/ deodorant, Moisturising and foundation formulation. Bleaching creams, Night and Massage creams, Hand creams, Protective skin tonics, Skin moisturizers, Sun-screen, Suntan, and anti-sun burn preparation.
  • Shaving Preparation: Lather shaving stick, Lather shaving creams, Shaving foams, Shaving gels, Pre-and After shave lotions.
  • Shampoo and Bath preparations: Clear liquid shampoos. Aerosol shampoos, dry shampoos, Acid-balanced shampoos, Egg shampoos, Anti-dandruff Shampoos, Bath oils, Foam baths.
  • Hair Preparations: Hair tonics, Hair conditioners, Hair lotions, Hair sprays, Hair dressings, Hair setting lotions and creams, Hair dyes, Bleaches, Hair waiving, Hair straightners and Hair strengthners.
  • Dentrifice: Tooth powders, Tooth pastes, Denture cleansers.
  • Foot Preparation: Foot powders, Foot sprays, Foot creams, Corn preparations and Athelete’s foot preparation.
  • Manicure Preparation: Nail polish, Nail lacquers and Nail bleaches.
  • Herbal Cosmetics: Cosmetics containing Aloe, Babul, Brahmi, Chandan, Cucumber, Haldi, Jatamansi, Khus, Mehandi, Neem, Reetha, Shikakai, Tulsi, Arnica, Bhringraj and Volatile oils .
  • Cosmetic for babies.
  • Colored make-up preparations: Lipsticks, Rouge, Mascara, Eye make-up, Eye-liner, Eyebrow pencils.
1. Prepare, Pack and Evaluate Compact Powder.
2. Prepare and Pack Face Mask.
3. Prepare and Evaluate Talcum Powder.
4. Prepare and Evaluate Vanishing Cream.
5. Prepare and Evaluate Cold Cream.
6. Prepare and Evaluate Cleansing Cream.
7. Prepare and Evaluate Emollient Cream.
8. Prepare and Evaluate Sunscreen preparation.
9. Prepare and Evaluate After shave lotion.
10. Prepare and Evaluate Lather shaving cream.
11. Prepare and Evaluate Simple shampoo (Soap based).
12. Prepare and Evaluate Acid balanced shampoo.
13. Prepare and Evaluate Egg shampoo.
14. Prepare and Evaluate Anti-dandruff Shampoo.
15. Prepare and Evaluate Hair conditioner.
16. Prepare and Evaluate Tooth Powder.
17. Prepare and Evaluate Tooth Paste.
18. Prepare, Pack and Evaluate Lipsticks.
19. Prepare, Pack and Evaluate Nail lacquer.
20. Prepare and submit Herbal preparations. (Atleast 5 different types)
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11. Drug and Cosmetics Act & Rules.

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