BPharma, 5th (V) Semester PY-505 PHARMACOLOGY-II RGPV / RGTU B Pharma, PHARMACY 5th (V) Semester Syllabus

PY-505 PHARMACOLOGY-II BPharma 5th sem Syllabus
BPharma 5th - Fifth Semester Syllabus

Effective for 2008 – 2009 Batch B. PHARMA- V SEMESTER (Modified on 14/06/10)

PY-505 PHARMACOLOGY-II Course Contents:

Pathophysiology of CNS diseases and pharmacology of drugs used to treat them
1) Neurohumoral transmission in CNS
  • a. Cholinergic pathways
  • b. Dopaminergic pathway
  • c. Serotonergic pathways
  • d. Noradrenergic pathways
2) General anesthetics
3) Hypnotics, sedatives, antianxiety agents, and centrally acting muscle relaxants.
4) Psychopharmacological agents
  • a. Antipsychotics
  • b. Antidepressants
  • c. Antimaniacs
  • d. Hallucinogens
5) Anti-epileptic drugs
6) Narcotic analgesics and antagonist
7) Drugs used in neurodegenerative diseases
  • a. Parkinson’s Disease
  • b. Alzheimer’s Disease
8) Drug addiction and drug abuse
  • a. Alcohol
  • b. Nicotine
  • c. Cannabis
9) CNS stimulants

Pharmacology of drugs acting on gastrointestinal tract
1) Antacids, antisecretory and antiulcer drugs
2) Emetics and antiemetics

  1. Bioassay for acetylcholine/histamine using isolated organ preparations (rat ileum/rat duodenum/rat colon/rat fundus/guinea pig ileum/guinea pig tracheal chain preparation/goat ileum)  ( a) Matching bioassay or Bracketing bioassay (b) Interpolation bioassay or graphical bioassay
  2. Study the CNS depressants using cornea and pinna reflex test.
  3. Study CNS stimulants by evaluation of locomotor activity (Actophotometer)
  4. Study Central muscle relaxants using Rota rod apparatus
  5. Study lenticular opacity produced by opioid analgesics in rodents.
  6. Study anticonvulant effect of some drugs using maximum electroshock method and chemical-induced convulsion method.
  7. Study antianxiety effect of some drugs using elevated plus maze test or social interaction test or novelty suppressed feeding test in rodents.
  8. Evaluate hypnotic activity of a drug by employing potentiation of thiopental induced
  9. sleeping time paradigm.
  10. Study antipsychotic effect of some drugs using catalepsy test or inhibition of amphetamine stereotypy in rodents. Study intravenous anesthetics using righting reflex test. 
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