RGTU/RGPV TX 803 Textile Mill planning & management Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV Textile Mill planning & management SYLLABU
Textile Engineering TX 8th Semester Syllabus

Branch : Textile Engineering, VIII Semester
Course: TX 803 Textile Mill planning & management

Unit I Selection of site for textile mills. Textile mill building structures. Principles and requirements of good foundation for machineries. Protection against noise and vibration. Erection of textile machinery. Importance of leveling methods and instruments used for leveling. Idea and comparison of preventive and breakdown maintenance.
Unit II Spin plans for various counts and yarns. Production rates, waste, efficiency level of spinning machines. Estimation of number of machines for the given production of yarn. Production rates, efficiency etc. of preparatory and weaving shed. Estimation of number of machines in preparatory and weaving.
Unit III Plant lay-out and machine lay-out. Labor allocation in different departments of a textile mill. Work study, method study and work measurement. Application of time study in a textile mill. Importance and use of snap study. Concept and application of logistics in a textile mill.
Unit IV Air conditioning, humidification and ventilation for a textile mill – different systems of humidification and their efficiency. Temperature, relative humidity and ventilation requirement for different sections of a textile mill. Dust extraction in textile mills – methods and equipments used in dust extraction. Lighting - requirements and fittings, spacing of light fittings, illumination standards and measurements.
TX 803 Textile Mill planning & management References Books:
1. Air Conditioning in Textile Industry – ATIRA
2. Industrial Engineering & Management – Banga Sharma
3. Textile Manufacturing – M. G. Kulkarni
4. Management of Textile Industry – V.D.Dudeja
5. Modern Preparation and Weaving Machinery – A. Ormerod
6. Humidification and ventilation management in textile industry, Purushottama B, Woodhead
7. Strategic approach for managing a textile, Karshanis A. V., 2009
8. Textile Mills in Changing Environment – M. L. Gulrajani.
9. Modern Technology Management in Textile – Prof. D. B. Ajgaonkar
10. Norms for the Textile Industry – ATIRA, BTRA, SITRA, NITRA
11. Time Study Manual – (For the Textile Industry) – Norbert Lloyd Enrick
12. Textile industry effluent – WIRA
TX 803 Textile Mill planning & management Practical List of Experiments (Please expand it):
Assignments have to be done on production calculations and balancing of machines considering different achine and process parameters in spinning and weaving departments of a textile mill. Preparation of plant lay out.