RGTU/RGPV TX 8th sem Process Control in SPG. & WVG Control SYLLABUS TX 802 Process Control in SPG. & WVG SYLLABUS Textile Engineering

RGTU/RGPV TX 802 Process Control in SPG. & WVG Control Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV Process Control in SPG. & WVGSYLLABU
Textile Engineering TX 8th Semester Syllabus

Branch : Textile Engineering, VIII Semester
Course: TX 802 Process Control in SPG. & WVG

Unit I Importance and consideration for evolving a system for process control; Control of mixing quality and cost , control of waste and cleaning in blow room, card and comber; yarn realization; Control of yarn count; strength; evenness, imperfections and yarn faults; Control of end breaks in ring spinning.
Unit II Concept of machinery audit and energy audit. House keeping and material handling, statistical interpretation of data on waste and quality. Snap study.
Unit III Control for quality, machine stoppage and productivity in winding, warping, sizing, pirn winding and weaving. Standard norms for setting, speeds and production rates. Fabric defects and their control.
Unit IV Control of norms and hard waste in various processes . Importance and types of maintenance, Maintenance schedule in winding, warping, sizing and loom shed. Machinery audit and energy audit; Calculations pertaining to production efficiency and machine allocation in windings; warping, pirn sizing and looms.
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