RGTU/RGPV TX 801 (C) Pollution Control and Process House Management Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV Pollution Control and Process House Management SYLLABU
Textile Engineering TX 8th Semester Syllabus

Branch : Textile Engineering, VIII Semester
Course: TX 801 (C) Pollution Control and Process House Management

Unit I Hazards in man made fiber production and wet processing. Toxicity of dyes, intermediates, auxiliaries, finishing chemicals
Unit II Textile effluent and their characterization, measurement of effluent strength, methods of treatment, disposal and recycling of effluents. Environment legislation in India and other countries with respect to dyes and other chemicals.
Unit III Balancing of machinery, spacing, material handling. Handling of chemicals, processed goods, storing of goods for subsequent operations or for final product. Management Information system (MIS). Ventilation and lighting systems.
Unit IV Causes of fire, fire fighting and fire prevention. Causes of accidents in process houses, safety devices, methods for minimizing accidents. Workload studies, Duties and responsibilities of process house staff. Administration in process house, wages system
Unit V Costing as an aid to management, elements of costing , control of materials, stores and labor cost. Classification and distribution of overheads, depreciation and different system of providing depreciation. Variances and budgetary contro. Determination of cost per meter of processed goods,Process control in  process houses.
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