RGTU/RGPV TX 8th sem Financial Management Control SYLLABUS TX 801 (B) Financial Management SYLLABUS Textile Engineering

RGTU/RGPV TX 801 (B) Financial Management Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV Financial Management SYLLABU
Textile Engineering TX 8th Semester Syllabus

Branch : Textile Engineering, VIII Semester
Course: TX 801 (B) Financial Management

Unit I Management: Definition and objectives of the art of management, contribution by Henri Fayol and F.W. Taylor, Managerial skills- Technical, Human, Conceptual skills, leadership- Types approaches and qualities of leadership, roles and function of industrial Engg; Applications of industrial Engg.\
Unit II Capital Investment Decisions : Definition and concepts, significance, techniques of capital investment decisions, significance, importance, advantages, limitations of pay back period, net present value method, rate of return method, break even analysis.
Unit III Industrial psychology: Definition, aims, methods, inspection- definition, types, functions, methods, industrial disputes- definition, causes and effects, accidents, causes and preventive measures industrial safety.
Unit IV Total quality Management: Definition of quality, total quality management, purpose of  TQM,elements  of TQM, Place of Total quality controls in modern time, factors affecting quality, ten bench marks of total quality control, quality circles.
Unit V Financial Management: Introduction, Definition, Concept, Functions and objectives of financial management, roles of finance manager, financial statement sources of finance funds requirement, capitalization- Over capitalisation and under capitalization, advantages and disadvantages, types of capital-fixed and working capital.
TX 801 (B) Financial Management References:
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4. Mehta P.L. “Managerial Economics”
5. Agrawal R.D. “ Organisation and Management” 2001, TATA Mc Graw Hill Pub. L. Co.
6. Risk accounting and risk management for accountants, Chorafas Dimitris N, Elsevies 2009

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