IT 8th sem Real Time Systems Syllabus IT831 Real Time Systems Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV IT 831 Real Time Systems Syllabus
Information Technology IT 8th Semester Syllabus

Branch : Information Technology, VIII Semester 
Course: Real Time Systems

Unit I: Introduction to real time systems, structure, issues, task classes,  performance measures for real time systems-their properties, traditional measures, cost functions and hard deadlines. Estimation of program run time-source code analysis, accounting for pipelining and caches.

Unit II: Task Assignment and Scheduling-Rate monotonic scheduling algorithm, Preemptive earliest deadline first algorithm, Using primary and alternative tasks. Task Assignment-Utilization balancing algorithm, next fit for RM(Rate monitoring) scheduling, Bin packing assignment algorithm for EDF, Myopic offline scheduling(MOS) algorithm, Focused addressing and bidding(FAB) algorithm, Buddy strategy, Assignment with precedence conditions.

Unit III: Programming Languages & Tools- Desired language characteristics,, data typing, control structures, hierarchical decomposition, packages, run time error handling,  Overloading and genetics, Multitasking, Low level programming, Fex, Euclid, Run time support.

Unit IV: Real time Communication-Communication media, network topologies. Protocols-Contention based, Token based, Stop-and-Go, Polled bus, Hierarchical round robin, deadline based.

Unit V: Fault Tolerance Techniques- Fault, fault types, fault detection, fault and error containment, hardware and software redundancy, time redundancy, information redundancy. Reversal checks, Malicious or Byzantine failures, Integrated failure handling.

Real Time Systems References:- 
  • C.M Krishna and Kang G. Shin, Real Time Systems, TMH   
  • Stuart Bennelt, Real time computer control and introduction, Pearson education, 2003   
  • Jane W.S Liu, Real time systems, Mc-Graw Hill

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