IT 8th sem Image Processing Syllabus IT832 Image Processing Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV IT 832 Image Processing Syllabus
Information Technology IT 8th Semester Syllabus

Branch : Information Technology, VIII Semester 
Course: Image Processing 

Unit I:  Image representation, fundamental steps in image processing, image model. Sampling & quantization. Neighbors of a pixel, connectivity and distance measures. Basic transformations and perspective transformations. Two dimensional Fourier transform, Discrete Fourier transform and their properties. Fast Fourier transform, Walsh Transform, Hadamard transform and Discrete Cosine transform.

Unit II: Image  Enhancement: Intensity transformations, histogram processing, Image subtraction, image averaging,  Spatial filtering-smoothing and sharpening filters, frequency domain filtering methods-low pass filtering, high pass filtering, median filtering.

Unit III: Image compression: Redundancy and its types. Image compression model, variable length coding, bit plane coding, constant area coding, run length coding, lossless and lossy predictive coding, transform coding.

Unit IV: Image restoration and Segmentation:  Degradation model, effect of diagonalisation on degradation, algebraic approach. Detection of discontinuities by point, line and edge detection. Edge linking, graph theoretic techniques, thresholding techniques, region oriented segmentation.

Unit V: Representation & Description: Chain codes, polygonal approximations, signatures, boundary segments, skeleton, boundary descriptors, shape descriptors regional descriptors, image morphology-dilation, erosion, opening, closing, thickening, thinning, skeleton, pruning,, hit or miss transform.

Image Processing References:-   
  • R.C Gonzalez &  Richard E Wood,  “Digital Image Processing” ,Addison Wesley Publishing   
  • Anil K Jain, “Fundamentals of Digital image processing”. PHI.   
  • Sonka, Hlavac, Boyle, “Digital image processing and computer vision”, cengage learning, India Edition.   
  • B Chanda, D. Dutta Majumder, “Digital image Processing and Analysis”, PHI. 

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