IT 8th sem Component Based Software Engineering Syllabus IT830 Component Based Software Engineering Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV IT 830 Component Based Software Engineering Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV Component Based Software Engineering SYLLABUS
Information Technology IT 8th Semester Syllabus

Unit I: Introduction to Component Based Development: Definition  of Software Component  and  its Elements,  The Component  Industry Metaphor,  Component  Models  and  Component  Services: Concepts and Principles,  An  Example  Specification  for  Implementing  a  Temperature Regulator Software Component.

Unit II: Case for Components: The Business  Case  for  Software  Components, COTS  Myths  and Other Lessons   Learned  in  Component-Based  Software  Development,  Roles  for Component-Based Development, Common High Risk Mistakes in Component-Based  Software Engineering,  CBSE  Success Factors:  Integrating  Architecture, Process, and Organization

Unit III: Software Component Infrastructure: Software  Components  and  the  UML,  Component Infrastructures: Placing Software Components in Context,  Business  Components, Components and Connectors: Catalysis Techniques for Defining Component Infrastructures, an  Open   Process  for Component-Based  Development,  Designing  Models  of Modularity and Integration.

Unit IV: Management of CBD: Measurement  and  Metrics  for  Software  Components,  The Practical Reuse  of  Software  Components,  Selecting  the  Right  COTS  Software:  Why Requirements are important, Build  vs.  Buy,  Software  Component  Project  Management Processes,  The Trouble  with Testing  Software  Components,  Configuration  Management  and Component Libraries, The Evolution, Maintenance and Management of Component-Based Systems

Unit V: Component Technologies: Overview  of  the  CORBA  Component  Model,  Transactional COM+ Designing  Scalable  Applications,  The  Enterprise  JavaBeans  Component Model, Choosing Between COM+,  EJB,  and  CCM,  Software  Agents  as  Next Generation Software Components,

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