EE 8th sem Power System Protection Syllabus RGTU/RGPV EE802 Power System Protection Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV EE802 Power System Protection Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV Power System Protection SYLLABUS
Electrical Engineering EE 8th Semester Syllabus

PROGRAMME: B.E. Electrical Engineering-VIII Semester
Course: EE802 Power System Protection

Unit-I  Fault Analysis
Faults in power systems, single line diagram, equivalent impedance diagram, per unit reactances. Analysis (using matrices) of power systems by symmetrical components under:
(a) Three phase short circuit.
(b) Line to line fault.
(c) Line to ground fault.
(d) Double line to ground fault.
Sequence networks and their inter connections for different types of faults, effects of fault impedance. Current Limiting Reactors: Applications, types, construction and location of current limiting reactors, short circuit calculation using reactors.
Unit-II     Relays  
General considerations, sensing of faults, construction of electro-magnetic attraction and induction types relays, Buchholz and negative sequence relay, concept of reset, pick up, inverse time and definite time characteristics, over current , over voltage, directional, differential and distance relays on R-X diagram. Static Relays: Introduction, advantage and limitation of static relays, static over current, directional, distance and differential relays.
Unit-III     Protection
Types & detection of faults and their effects, alternator protection scheme (stator, rotor, reverse power protection etc.). Power transformer protection (external and internal faults protection), generator-transformer unit protection scheme, bus bar protection. Transmission line protection (current/time grading, distance), Pilot relaying schemes, power line carrier protection.

Unit-IV     Switchgear 
Theory of current interruption- energy balance and recovery rate theory, arc quenching, recovery and restriking voltages. Types of circuit breakers. bulk oil and minimum oil, air break and air blast, sulphur hexa fluride (SF6) and vacuum circuit breakers. Rating selection and testing of circuit breakers/operating mechanisms. LT switchgear, HRC fuses, types construction and applications.
Unit-V  Modern Trends In Protection
Electronic relays, static relays functional circuits: comparators, level detectors, logic and training circuits, microprocessor and computer based protection schemes, software development for protection, security  & reliability.

EE802 Power System Protection List of Experiments:   Operating Characteristics of  
1)   Over Voltage Relays
2)   IDMT Relays 
3)   Percentage based differential relays
4)   Determination of instantaneous relays
5)  Buchholz relays
6)  Solid state over current relays

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