EE 8th sem Process Control Syllabus RGTU/RGPV EE8302 Process Control Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV EE8302 Process Control Syllabus
Electrical Engineering EE 8th Semester Syllabus

PROGRAMME: B.E. Electrical Engineering, VIII Semester
Course:  EE8302 Process Control

Unit I
Special characteristics of process systems large time constants, interaction, multistaging, pure lag; control loops for simple systems and their Dynamics & stability.

Unit II
Generation of control action in electronic and  pneumatic controllers.  Control valves, valve positioners, relief and safety valves, relays, volume boosters, pneumatic transmitters for process variable.  Tuning of controllers - Zeigler Nichols and other techniques.

Unit III
  Different control techniques and interaction of process  parameters e.g. feed forward, cascade, ratio, over- ride controls Batch continuous process controls. Feed forward Control schemes.

Unit IV  
  Various process  schemes / unit operations and their control schemes e.g.   distillation columns, absorbers, heat exchangers, furnaces, reactors, mineral processing industries, etc.  Use of control schemes for process optimization.

Unit V
Advanced control strategies with case studies.  Use of DDC and PLC.  Introduction to supervisory control. Conversion of existing control schemes in operating plants, data loggers.

EE8302 Process Control References:   
  • Dale Patrick, Stephen Fardo, “Industrial Process Control System”.   
  • Shinskey F.G., “Process Control System”, III Ed., McGraw Hill.   
  • Smith C.A. & A.B. Corripio, “Principle & Practiced Automatic Process Control”, J. Willey.   
  • Rao M & S.Qiv, “Process Control Engg.”, Gorden & Breach.

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