EC 8th sem Microwave Circuits Syllabus EC-8102 Microwave Circuits Syllabus Electronics and Communication Engineering

RGTU/RGPV EC-8102 Microwave Circuits Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV Microwave Circuits SYLLABUS
Electronics and Communication Engineering EC 8th Semester Syllabus

PROGRAMME: Electronics and Communication Engineering
COURSE: EC-8102 Microwave Circuits

 Unit I Transmission lines: Impedance matching and transformation
Plane Electromagnetic waves, Transmission Lines: Line Equations and analysis, Smith Chart, Impedance Matching and transformation single stub, double stub matching ,triple –stub tuner, impedance mismatch factor, quarter wave transformer, theory of small reflections, binomial and Chebyshev transformer, tapered transmission lines, triangular, exponential and Klopfenstein taper.

Unit II Field analysis of transmission lines:
Analysis of general transmission line and terminated transmission line circuits, Planar Transmission lines, Microstrip lines. Strip lines: Characteristic Impedance, conductor losses, Dielectric losses, Radiation Losses, Higher order modes and dispersion, Microstrip attenuation ,high frequency properties , suspended and inverted microstrip lines, coplanar lines, slot lines, Fin-lines, Coupled Lines. Substrates for microwave printed circuits

Unit III Microwave (solid state) Amplifiers:
BJT and FET,  Power gains: definitions, Stability: stability circles, tests for unconditional stability, Constant Power Gain Circles, Constant Mismatch Circles, Single stage and multi stage  transistor Amplifier design, Broadband transistor Amplifier Design, Power amplifiers. Basic Noise theory, Low noise amplifier designs, Microwave amplifier designs using S  parameters.

Unit IV Microwave oscillators and mixers:  
RF oscillators, Microwave oscillators, Oscillators Phase Noise, Frequency Multipliers,  Gunn oscillators and circuits, Transistor oscillators, Oscillator circuits and design.
Mixers: Mixer characteristics, linear and non-linear mixer operation, Mixer noise figure, Balanced mixers, Single ended diode mixer, single ended FET mixer, image reject mixers, other mixers, Mixer analysis using Harmonic Balancing.

Unit V Microwave Filters:
Periodic structures: analysis, Filter design   : image parameter and insertion loss method. specification of power loss ratio, Filter transformations, Filter Implementations, Stepped-Impedance low  –pass filters, coupled line filters, Filters using coupled resonators, Impedance and  Admittance inverters, micro strip half-wave filter, Quarter –wave coupled cavity filters, direct –coupled cavity filters, Low-Pass filter designs, Frequency transformations and expansions, Narrowband and wideband microwave filters.

EC-8102 Microwave Circuits  References:
1.  R. E. Collin: Foundations for Microwave Engineering, 2nd  Edition, Wiley India Pvt. Ltd.
2.  D. M. Pozar: Microwave Engineering, 3rd  Edition, Wiley India Pvt. Ltd.
3.  P. A. Rizzi: Microwave Engineering- Passive Circuits.

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