EC 8th sem Principles of Management & Managerial Economics Syllabus EC8103 Principles of Management & Managerial Economics Syllabus Electronics and Communication Engineering

RGTU/RGPV EC-8103 Principles of Management & Managerial Economics Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV Principles of Management & Managerial Economics SYLLABUS
Electronics and Communication Engineering EC 8th Semester Syllabus

PROGRAMME: Electronics and Communication Engineering
COURSE: EC- 8103 Principles of Management & Managerial Economics

Unit I
Management Concept: Management, Administration and Organization Difference and Relationship between Organization Management and Administration. Importance of Management, Characteristics of Management.

Unit II
Management: Scientific Management, Principles of Management, Process of Management, Functions of Management, Levels of Management, Project Management.

Unit III
Decision Making: Introduction and Definition, Types of Decisions, Techniques of Decision Making, Decision making under certainty Decision making under uncertainty, Decision Making under risk.

Unit IV
Managerial Economics: Introduction, Factors Influencing Manager, Micro and Macro-economics, Theory of the Cost, Theory of the Firm, Theory of Production Function.

Unit V
Productivity: Input-Output Analysis, Micro-economics Applied to Plants and Industrial Undertakings, Production and Production system, Productivity, Factors affecting Productivity, Increasing Productivity of Resources.

8103 Principles of Management & Managerial Economics References:
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3.  Staner: Management, PHI Learning.
4.  Daft: Principles of Management, Cengage Learning.
5.  T. N. Chhabra: Principle and Practice of Management, Dhanpat Rai, New Delhi.
6.  Hirschey: Managerial Economics, Cengage Learning. 
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9.  Joel Dean: Managerial Economics, PHI learning.
10.  V. L. Mote, Samuel Paul and G.S. Gupta: Managerial Economics Concepts & Cases, TMH, New Delhi.
11.  V. L. Mote: Managerial Economics, TMH, New Delhi.

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