CS 8th sem Digital Image Processing Syllabus RGTU/RGPV CS 8302 Digital Image Processing Syllabus

 RGTU/RGPV CS8302 Digital Image Processing Syllabus
 RGTU/RGPV Digital Image Processing SYLLABUS
Computer Science and Engineering CS 8th Semester Syllabus,

PROGRAMME: B.E. Computer Science & Engineering, VIII semester
Course: CS8302 Digital Image Processing

Unit-I Digital Image fundamentals, A simple image model, Sampling and Quantization. Relationship between pixels. Imaging geometry. Image acquisition systems, Different types of digital images

Unit-II Image transformations, Introduction to Fourier transforms, Discrete Fourier transforms, Fast Fourier transform, Walsh transformation, Hadmord transformation, Discrete Cosine Transformation.

Unit-III Image enhancement, Filters in spatial and frequency domains, Histogram based processing. Image subtraction, Averaging, Image smoothing, Nedion filtering, Low pass filtering, Image sharpening by High pass filtering.

Unit-IV Image encoding and segmentation, Encoding: Mapping, Quantizer, Coder. Error free compression, Lossy Compression schemes. JPEG Compression standard. Detection of discontinuation by point detection, Line detection, edge detection, Edge linking and boundary detection, Local analysis, Global processing via Hough transforms and graph theoretic techniques 

Unit-V Mathematical morphology- Binary, Dilation, crosses, Opening and closing, Simple methods of representation, Signatures, Boundary segments, Skeleton of a region, Polynomial approximation 
CS 8302 Digital Image Processing References:
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2.    Rafael C Gonzalez, Richard E Woods 3rd Edition, Digital Image Processing using Matlab – TMH. 
3.   Sonka, Digital Image Processing & Computer Vision , Cengage Learning
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5.   Pratt, Digital Image Processing, Wiley India
6   Annadurai, Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing ,Pearson Education . 

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