CS 8th sem Advance Computing Paradigm Syllabus RGTU/RGPV CS 8401 Advance Computing Paradigm Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV CS 8401 Advance Computing Paradigm Syllabus
 RGTU/RGPV Advance Computing Paradigm (ACP) SYLLABUS
Computer Science and Engineering CS 8th Semester Syllabus,

PROGRAMME: B.E. Computer Science & Engineering, VIII Semester
Course : CS 8401 Advance Computing Paradigm (Proposed)

Unit-I  Grid and Cluster Computing 
Introduction to Grid Computing , Types of grids ,Grid Activities , e governance , Grid Applications Grid Computing Organizations and their roles , Grid Architecture ,Grid computing Applications. Cluster Computing-Definition and Architecture of a cluster ,Cluster Programming Environment and Tools . 

Unit-II Quantum Computing
History of molecular electronics , Molecular scale  electronic , Quantum mechanic ,Quantum Gates and Circuits , Implementation of Quantum Computer , Quantum Algorithms .
Unit-III Nano Computing
Introduction to Nano Computing, Nano Computing Technology, Nano Information Processing, Physics of Nano Computing, Introduction to Molecular & Optical Computing.
Unit-IV Mobile and Pervasive Computing
Mobile computing , Adaptability , Mobility Management ,Context –Aware Computing and its applications , Introduction to Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks , Approaches to Security .

Unit-V Cloud Computing
Overview of Cloud Computing, Cloud Components , Applications ,Hardware and Infrastructure  Accessing the cloud , Cloud Storage ,Future of Cloud Computing .

CS 8401 Advance Computing Paradigm LIST OF REFERENCES
 1.Janakiram , Grid Computing ,TMH Pub
2.Prabhu , Grid and Cluster Computing , PHI Pub
3 Vishal Sahani & Goswami, Nano Computing, TMH Pub
4.Bhunia , Introduction to Quantum Computing , New Age Int. Pub
5.Adelstein & Gupta , Fundamentals of Mobile and Pervasive Computing , TMH Pub
6.Velte , Cloud Computing , McGraw Hill Pub 

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