CS 8th sem Robotics Syllabus RGTU/RGPV CS8402 Robotics Syllabus

 RGTU/RGPV CS8402 Robotics  Syllabus
Computer Science and Engineering CS 8th Semester Syllabus,

PROGRAMME: B.E. Computer Science & Engineering, VIII Semester
Course: CS8402 Robotics

Unit-I Introduction
Introduction to robotics ,Robot Usage , Robot subsystems, Robot Classification , Technology of Robots , Basic Principles in robotics 

Unit-II Spatial Descriptions , Transformation and Sensors Robot Architecture , Descriptions: Positions , Orientations and Frames , Mappings :Changing  descriptions from Frame to Frame ,Operators: Translations ,Rotations , and Transformations , Transform Equations , Coordinate Transformations , Sensor Classification , Internal Sensors ,External sensors , Vision system ,
sensor selection .

Unit-III Kinematics
Link- Connection  Description , Forward  and Inverse Positional Analysis , Velocity Analysis: Jacobian Matrix ,Link Velocities , Acceleration analysis , Statics: Forces and Moment Balance, Recursive Calculation , Equivalent Joint Torques , Force Ellipsoid,
Dynamics : Inertia Properties , Dynamics Algorithms .

Unit-IV Control
Control Techniques , Second order Linear systems , Feedback Control , Performance of feedback control systems , Joint controller , Non linear Trajectory Control , State space Representation and control , Stability , Cartesian and force controls

Unit-V Motion Planning and Computer for Robots 
Joint space Planning ,Cartesian space planning ,Position and orientation Trajectories , Point to Point Planning , Continuous path Generation ,  Computational speed , Hardware requirements , Control considerations , Robot Programming , Hardware architecture .  A case study for Autonomous Mobile Robot .

CS8402 Robotics List of References
1.Saha , Introduction to Robotics , TMH Pub.
2.Craig , Introduction to Robotics ,Mechanics and control , Pearson Pub
3.Ghosal , Robotics –Fundamental Concepts and Analysis , Oxford Pub.
4.Niku , Introduction to Robotics:Analysis , System & Applications , PHI
5.Fu , Robotics ,TMH Pub

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