CIVIL 4th sem Surveying Syllabus CE 403 Surveying Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV Syllabus, Surveying  Syllabus, Surveying  Civil Syllabus, Civil 4th sem Syllabus, CE 4th Semester Surveying  Syllabus, Surveying

 CIVIL CE 403 Surveying  Syllabus of 4th Semester
RGTU/RGPV Syllabus Surveying SYLLABUS
B.E. (CE) CIVIL Engineering CE 4th Semester Syllabus,

Unit-I Traversing by theodolite, Field work checks, traverse computations, latitude and departures, adjustments, computations of co-ordinates, plotting & adjusting or traverse, Omitted measurements, Measurement EDM, Trigonometrical leveling.
Unit-II Tachometry: Tachometric systems and principles, stadia system, uses of anallatic lens, tangential system, sublense system, instrument constant, field work   reduction, direct-reading tacheometers, use of tacheometry for traversing and contouring.

Unit-III Curves:  Classification and use; elements of circular curves, calculations, setting out curves by offsets and by theodolites, compound curves, reverse curves, transition curves, cubic spiral and lemniscate, vertical curves, setting out.

Unit-IV Control Surveys:  Providing frame work of control points, triangulation principle, co naissance, selection and marking of stations, angle measurements and corrections, baseline measurement and corrections, computation of sides, precise traversing.

Unit-V Hydrographic Surveying:  Soundings, methods of observations, computations and plotting. Principles of photographic surveying: aerial  photography, tilt and height distortions, Remote sensing, simple equipments, elements of image interpretation, image-processing systems.

CIVIL 4th sem Surveying Syllabus Reference
1. T.P. Kanetkar, Surveying & Levelling, Vol. I & II.
2. Duggal; Surveying vol I and II; TMH
3. Basak; Surveying and Leveling; TMH
4. R.E.Devis, Surveying theory & Practice, Mc.Graw Hill, New York
5. David Clark & J Clendinning, Plane & Geodetic surveying Vol. I & II, constable & Co. London.
6. S.K. Roy, Fundamentals of surveying, prentice - Hall of India New Delhi
7. B.C. Punmia, Surveying Vol. I, II, III, Laxmi Publications New Delhi
8. K.R. Arora, Surveyhing Vol. I & II, standard book House, New Delhi

CIVIL 4th sem Surveying Syllabus List of Experiments/ Field work (Expandable):
1.  Theodolite traversing
2.  Profile leveling, contouring & cross sectioning
3.  Determination of tachometric constants & uses of tachometer in various field works
4.  Curve setting by different methods.

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