FT-505 EFire Prevention & Protection Measures RGPV / RGTU B.E. FT, 5th (V) Semester syllabus Fire Technology and Safety Engineer

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Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal (MP)
B.E. (FT) Fire Technology and Safety Engineering
FT- 505 Fire Prevention & Protection Measures
Revised Syllabus and Scheme Effective from July 2007

Unit-I General Principles of Fire Prevention and Protection Measures:
Planning and Construction of the Building:
Site Planning considering the nature of the plant, building, equipment and processes from the stand point of safety and fire protection, where corrosive, poisonous, explosive and easily combustible materials are handled and processed. Type of construction fire walls, barricades etc. Fire separation, fire steps, segregation, isolation.

Unit-II Internal Planning and Combustion of Plants and Buildings:
Layout of hazardous pipe lines, vessels and equipment, planning of strategic points and selection of fire extinguishing device, Automatic, fire doors, fire, doors, wire glass windows, fire walls, parapeted to prevent spread of Fire through roofs, vertical cut offs, Exits, Guards and Guarding, floor platforms, path roadways, stairs, ventilation. Protection and devices for fire due to lightening.

Unit-III Water Supply and System:Installations using water:
1. Sprinklers 2. Drenchers, 3. Water spray projector systems 4. Rising mains-wet and dry.

Unit-IV Lighting: Lighting arrangement and minimum light required in domestic, commercial, industrial and public assembly occupancies etc. Emergency lighting systems.
Fire Protection Arrangement: Fire appliances; Fire Warning system (Manual and Automatic) fixed fire-fighting installations: I. Foam System; II. Gas/Vapour System; III. Dry Powder System; IV. Special Safety Protection Equipment- Explosion detection, venting and suppression system, Inergen clean agent system and F.M. 200.

Unit-V Safety and Fire Protection Organization:
(a) House-Keeping and management;
(b) Plant Fire Brigade and fire-fighting facilities, petrol, systems.

Unit-VI Detailed analysis of fire case studies, especially those fires where large number of people have been involved. Interaction and relative value of the components of escape route design, specially smoke movement and control.

1. General Fire Hazards and Fire Protection by J.J. Williams.
2. Fire Prevention Notes for Industrial Premises by F.P.A.
3. Fire Prevention Hand Book by Kesteren Fire Brigade
4. Fire Prevention Standard Recommendations by Earnest Beam Ltd.
5. Automation – A challenge to Fire Protection Engineers by Warre J. Baker.
6. Fire Protection – Technical Information and Useful General Knowledge by Mather and Platt.
7. Hand Book of Fire Protection by N.F.P.A.
8. Fire Protection in Factory Buildings by H.M.S.O.
9. Fire Safety in Building by Adam and Chalres Black
10. Crosby – Fiske – Forster Hand Book of Fire Protection.
11. Industrial Fire Hazards by Danna and Milne
12. Fire Protection for the Design Professional by Rolf Jensen
13. Introduction to Fire Science and Fire Protection by William K. Bare

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