RGPV / RGTU TX 502 Fabric Manufacturing-II Revised syllabus Textile Engineering (TX) B.E. Tx, 5th (V) Semester syllabus

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Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal (MP)
B.E. (TX) Textile Engineering FOURTH IV SEMESTER
TX 502 Fabric Manufacturing-II syllabus
Revised Syllabus and Scheme Effective from July 2007

Unit I Dobby shedding scope and uses, negative and positive dobbies, working Principles of Keighley, staubli, Cross-border dobbies, modern electronics dobbies; Preparation of pattern lattices and methods for preparation of punch cards in modern dobbies.

Unit II Jacquard shedding, coarse pitch and fine pitch jacquard, working principle of single cylinder single lift and double cylinder double lift jacquards , cross-border Jacquard, Vincenzi jacquard and Vardol jacquards, Modern electronic jacquards and different principles in the preparation of pattern cards. Leno and inverted hook jacquards. Various types of harness tie-ups and their uses, pressure and scale harness , casting out of harness, figuring capacity.

Unit III Continuous type take up motion, Direct type take–up Motions, Shirley, Sulzer- Ruti take up motions and calculations related to them and estimation of periodicities, modern take-up motions.

Unit IV
Concept of weft monitoring by side and centre weft fork, warp protecting motion, loose reed, fast reed and electromagnetic system, warp easing motion.

1) Bannerjee NN Dr; Weaving Vol. II;
2) Aswani K T; Fancy Weaving;
3) Marks & Robinson; Principle of Weaving;
4) NCUTE; Woven Fabric Production II, 1st Ed Dobby, Jacquar; NCUTE Publication (2002)
5) Talukdar MK et al; Weaving – Machines, Mechanisms and Management;
6) Booth JE; Textile Mathematics – Vol.III;
7) Fox; Mechanism of Weaving;
8) BTRA; Loom Shed; BTRA Silver Jubilee Monograph Series;
9) Hasmukharai B; Fabric Forming;
10) Joshi Hiren, Gauri; Electronic Controls for Textile Machines; NCUTE Pub.(2003)
11) Allan Ormerod, Walter S. Sondheln; Weaving – Tech. & Operations;

Suggested list of experiments(Pl. expand it):
1) Weaving Practical; Detailed study of dobby, jacquard and different monitoring systems.
2) Dismantle and refit a climax dobby with proper setting and timing.
3) Dobby pegging for a 16 heals design.
4) Dismantle and refit a weft fork mechanism with proper setting and timing.
5) Dismantle and refit fast reed mechanism with proper setting and timing.
6) Dismantle and refit loose reed mechanism with proper setting and timing.
7) Dismantle and refit Ruti-B positive let - off mechanism with proper setting and timing.
8) Dismantle and refit jacquard with proper setting and timing.

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