RGPV / RGTU B Pharma, PHARMACY 4th (IV) Semester PY 405 Pharmacology-I syllabus (Practical)

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Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal (MP)
PY - 405 Pharmacology-I (Practical)

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List of practicals:
1. Introduction to Experimental Pharmacology and various regulatory authorities.
2. Study of common laboratory animals and anesthetics used in animal studies.
3. Study of various routes of drug administration in experimental animals.
4. Preparation of various physiological salt solution and set up of isolated rat ileum preparation.
5. Study the effects of various agonists and antagonists on isolated rat ileum preparation.
6. Plot dose response curve of choline using isolated gunea pig ileum preparation.
7. Plot dose response curve of histamine using isolated guinea pig ileum preparation.
8. Study the effect of autonomic drugs mydriatic and miotic on rabbit eye.
9. Study the effect of local anesthetics on rabbit eye.
10. Study the peripheral analgesic activity of indomethacin using writhing test on mice.
11. Study anti- inflammatory activity of indomethacin using rat paw edema paradigm.
12. Study the neuromuscular effect of d-tubocurarine/ succinyl choline using rotarod apparatus.

Books recommended
1. Hardmen, J.G., Limbired, L.E., Molinoss, P.B., Ruddon, R.W. and Gil, A.G., Goodman and Gillman’s The Pharmacological basis of Therapeutics, Pergamon Press.
2. Satoskar, R.S. and Bhandarkar, S.D., Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics.
3. Tripathi, K.D., Essentials of Medical Pharmcology.
4. Kulkarni, S.K., Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology, Vallabh Prakashan, New Delhi.
5. Crossland, J and Thomson, J.H., Essential of Pharmacology, Harper and Row, Publishers, New York.
6. Craig, C.R. and Stitzel, R.R., Modern Pharmacology, Little Brown and Company.
7. Rang, M.P. , Dale, M.M. and Riter, J.M., Pharmacology, Churchill Livingstone.
8. Paul, L., Principles of Pharmacology, Chamman and Hall.
9. Herfindal, E.T. and Hirschman, J.L., Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics, William and Wilkins. Katzung, B.G., Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, Prentice Hall International.

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