RGPV / RGTU B Pharma, PHARMACY 4th (IV) Semester PY 403 PHARMACEUTICAL ANALYSIS (Practical) syllabus

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Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal (MP)


List of Practicals: A total of 15 experiments should be performed on the topics mentioned below

1. Acid base titrations: Preparation and standardization of acids and bases, some exercises related to the determination of acids and bases separately and in mixture form. Some official assay procedures of boric acid, ascorbic acid shall also be covered.

2. Oxidation-reduction titration: Preparation and standardization of some redox titrants, e.g., potassium permanganate, potassium dichromate, iodine, sodium thiosulphate etc. Some exercises related to the determination of oxidizing and reducing agents in the sample shall be covered. Exercises involving use of potassium iodate, potassium bromate, ceric ammonium sulphate shall be performed.

3. Precipitation titrations: Preparation and standardization of titrants like silver nitrate and ammonium thiocyanate, titrations according to Mohr's and Volhard's methods.

4. Gravimetric analysis: Determination of water of hydration, some exercises related to Gravimetric estimation of metal ions such as barium, magnesium and calcium shall he covered.

5. Diazotization reaction: Assay of sulphonamides.

6. Complexometric titration: Any two official assays done by this method.

7. Non-aqueous titrations: preparation and standardization of some non aqueous titrants, e.g.,

Perchloric acid, tetrabutyl ammonium hydroxide. Any two official assay given in Pharmacopoeia of India.

1. A.H. Beckett and J.B. Stenlake: Practical Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Vol I and II, CBS Publishers and Distributors, New Delhi, India
2. H. H. Willard, L. L. Merritt and J. A. Dean: Instrumental Methods of Analysis, Van Nostrand Reinbold, New York.
3. L.M. Atherden: Bentley and Driver's Text book of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Oxford UniversityPress, Delhi.
4. G.L. Jenldns, J.E. Christian, G.P. Hager: Quantitative Pharmaceutical Chemistry, McGrawHill,
Company, New York.
5. Pharmacopoeia of India, Govt. of India, Ministry of Health, Delhi.
6. Bassett, R.C. Denney, G.H. Jeffery, J. Mendham: Vogel's Textbook of quantitative Inorganic Analysis, The ELBS and Longman, London.

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