RGPV / RGTU B Pharma, PHARMACY 2nd (II) Semester PY 201 Advanced Mathematics syllabus

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Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal (MP)
PY 201 Advanced Mathematics

Differential equations -
Revision of integral calculus, definition and formation of differential equations, equations of first order and first degree, variable separable, homogeneous and linear differential equations and equations reducible to such types, linear differential equations of order greater than one with constant coefficients, complementary function and particular integral, simultaneous linear differential equations, pharmaceutical equations.

Laplace Transforms -
Definition, transforms of elementary functions, properties of linearity and shifting, inverse laplace transforms, transforms of derivatives, solution of ordinary and simultaneous differential equations.

Biometrics -
Significant digits and rounding of numbers, data collection, random and non-random sampling methods, sample size, data organization, diagrammatic representation of data, bar, pie, 2-D and 3-D diagrams, measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion, standard deviation and standard error of means, coefficient of variation, confidence (fiducial) limits, probability and events, Bayes theorem, probability theorems, probability distributions, elements of binomial and poisson distribution, normal distribution curve and properties, kurtosis and skewness, correlation and regression analysis, methods of least squares, statistical inference students and paired t-test, f-test and elements of ANOVA, applications of statistical concepts in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

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