RGPV / RGTU B Pharma, 4th (IV) Semester PY- 401 Pharmaceutics- IV (Pharmaceutical Engineering – II) syllabus

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Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal (MP)
PY- 401 Pharmaceutics- IV (Pharmaceutical Engineering – II)

Size Reduction and Size Separation- Definition objectives and significance of size reduction, Factors affecting size reduction, Standard of powders, Sieves and their usage in grading of powders, Laws governing energy and power requirements of a mill, Classification of size reduction machines, Study of various types of mill including ball mill, hammer mill fluid energy mill energy mill etc. Fluid classification methods.

Evaporation-Basic concepts, Factors affecting evaporation, Types of evaporators, Study of short tubs evaporators, Forced circulation evaporators and Film evaporators, Single and multiple effect evaporation, Evaporation under reduced pressure, Evaporation capacity, Heat and material balance, Scale formation, Foam and entrainment.

Distillation- General theory applied to binary mixtures, Boiling point and equilibrium diagrams, Raout’s Law and Henry’s Law, Constant boiling mixtures, Simple, steam and Equilibrium distillations, Rectification, Constructions of rectifying columns. Analysis of rectifying column: McCabe Thiel method and Lewis Sorel method for calculation of number of theoretical plates, Azeotropic and extractive distillations.

Drying- Introduction, Theory of drying Rate of drying curves, Classification of dryers, Study of dryers used in pharmaceutical industries, Special drying methods.

Extraction- Principles of solid-liquid and liquid- liquid extraction, Theories of extraction of drugs, Diffusion battery, Podbielnaik extractor, Continuous counter- current extraction system.

Crystallization-Importance of crystal purity, size, shape, geometry habit forms and types, Solubility curves and calculation of yields, Mier,s supersaturation theory and its limitations, Nucleation and crystal growth, Classification of crystallizers, Principles underlying the design and operation of Tank, Swenson-walker, Krystal and Vacuum crystallizer, Crystallizer employed for producing large crystals, Caking of crystals and its prevention.

Mixing-Theory of mixing, Solid-solid; solid-liquid and liquid-liquid mixers used in pharmaceutical industries.

Filtration and Centrifugation- Theory of filtration, Factors affecting filtration, Filter media, Filter aids, Classification of filters, Industrial filters including Filter press, Rotary filter, Membrane filter etc. Principles of centrifugation, Industrial filters and centrifugation sedimenters.

Compaction and Compression- Adhesion and Cohesion of particles, Strength of granules, Factors affecting strength of tablets, Physics of tablet compression.

Pilot Plant Scale Up Techniques- Concepts of pilot plant, scale up techniques in pharmaceutical industries.

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