ME/M.Tech. Computer Tech. & Applications, Software Systems 2nd sem Elective-I MCSE/MCTA-204 Digital Signal Processing Syllabus

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Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal (MP)
Computer Tech. & Applications (UTD, RGTU, Bpl)
Software Systems SATI (Vidisha)
Elective-I MCSE/MCTA-204
Digital Signal Processing Syllabus

To Be detailed and Expanded

Discrete time signals and system, Z transforms, Design procedure for FIR & IIR Filters. Introduction to DFT errors in digital filtering, method of fast computation of DFT, NTT & WTFA. Powerspectrum, Estimation of DFT, NTT, WTFA & ints application to digital filter. Multirate digital filtering, Linear Phase design of filter, & H/W implementation consideration.

Reference Books:
1. Digital Signal Processing Using Matlab, Ingle, Cengage
2. Digital Signal Processing,W hite,Cengage (Thomson)
3. "Digital Signal Processing"- Openhem And Shepher, Mc.Graw-Hill.

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