ME/M.Tech. Computer Tech. & Applications, Software Systems 2nd sem Elective-2 MCSE/MCTA-204 Mobile Computing Syllabus

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Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal (MP)
Computer Tech. & Applications (UTD, RGTU, Bpl)
Software Systems SATI (Vidisha)
Elective-I MCSE/MCTA-204
Mobile Computing Syllabus

UNIT 1 Introduction to cellular mobile systems: Basic cellular system, performance, criteria, Uniqueness of mobile Radio environment, operation of cellular systems, marketing Image of Hexagonal shaped cells, Planning of cellular system, Analog cellular systems, digital cellular systems, cell splitting.

UNIT 2 Cell coverage for signal & Traffic: Introduction, obtaining the mobile point to point model, Propagation over water or flat open areas, Foliage loss, Propagation in near in distance, long distance Propagation obtain path less from a point to point Prediction model, call-site antenna Heights & Signal coverage calls, mobile to mobile Propagation.

UNIT 3 Co channel Interference reduction: Co channel interference , exploring co channel interference area, in a system, Real time co channel interference measurement at mobile radio Transceivers, Decision of an omni directional antenna system, Design of a directional antenna system,. Lowering the antenna height, reduction of co channel interference by mean of a notech in the tilted antenna Pattern, Power control.

UNIT 4 Frequency management & channel Assignment: Frequency management, Frequency-spectrum utilization, set up channels definition of channel assignment, fixed channel assignment, non fixed channel assignment algorithms How to operate north additional spectrum, Traffic & channel assignment, Perception of call blocking from the subscribers.

UNIT 5 Handoffs & Dropped calls: Value of Implementing Handoffs, initiation of a hand off, Delaying a handoff, Forced Handoffs, Queuing of Handoffs, power difference handoff , Mobile assisted handoff & soft Handoff, call site Handoff only, intersystem Handoff, introduction to dropped call rate, Formula of Dropped call rate, Finding the values of g & u.

UNIT 6 Special topics: W ireless and Mobile Computation – SS7, GSM, CDMA, Mobile IP, Wireless Mobile ATM, Multicast Routing Protocols, Location Management, Mobile Agents, Mobility Management.

Reference Books:
1. J. Schiller, Mobile Communication, Pearson Press.
2. Wireless Network, Kaveh Pahalwan
3. Adhoc Networking by Charles E. Perkins, Addison Wisely
4. Mobile cellular Telecommunications by W illiam C.Y. Lee TMH

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