ME/M.Tech. Computer Tech. & Applications, Software Systems 1st semester MCTA 104 Advance DBMS Syllabus

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Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal (MP)
Computer Tech. & Applications (UTD, RGTU, Bpl)
Software Systems SATI (Vidisha)
MCTA 104 Advance DBMS Syllabus

Unit 1
DBMS Concept introduction, data models, E-R diagram, Keys, Relational database schemas, integrity constraints, relational algebra and calculus, normalization, normal form.

Unit 2
Indexing, Query processing and optimization, concurrency control. Distributed database: fragmentation transparency, distributed query processing and optimization, distributed transaction modal and concurrency control, distributed deadlock and commit protocol.

Unit 3
Object oriented and object relational databases: specialization generalization, aggregation and association, object, object identity, architecture of object oriented and object relational databases.

Unit 4
Web databases: accessing databases through web, web server, XML database.

Unit 5
Introduction to image and multimedia database and data structure. Data structure RTree, K-D tree, Quad tree, content based retrieval: color histogram.

Reference Books:
1.R. Elmasri, S. Navathe, Benjamin Cumming, Fundamentals of Database system
2. H.F. Korth and A. Silberschatz, Database concept, (II ed) McGraw Hill, 1991
3. C.J. Date, An Introduction to Database Sys tem Volume I (V ed), Addision W esley
4. Narang, Object Oriented Database, Prentice – Hall of India, New Delhi.
5. W. Kim “Modern Database System”, 1995, Acin Press, Addision – W esley.

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