ME/M.Tech. Computer Tech. & Applications, Software Systems 1st semester MCTA 105 Computer Graphics & Multimedia Syllabus

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Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal (MP)
Computer Tech. & Applications (UTD, RGTU, Bpl)
Software Systems SATI (Vidisha)
MCTA 105 Computer Graphics & Multimedia Syllabus

Unit 1
Graphics Hardware: Basic of Computer Graphics, display technology, Raster Scan & Random scan display systems, Input devices.

Unit 2
Basic Raster Graphics for drawing 2_D primitives: Scan converting lines, circles, ellipse; filling rectangles, polygons, generating characters; antialiasing. Matrix representation and Homogeneous coordinates, two dimensional transformations, 2D line clipping, polygon clipping algorithms, window to viewport transformation.

Unit 3
Viewing in 3D: Three dimensional transformation, projections : Parallel, prospective, view points.

Unit 4
Representation of curves & surfaces, Besier method, B-spline methods. Visible surface determination: Z-buffer, Algos, List priority algorithms, Scan line algorithms. Light and shading models: Illumination models, shading models for polygons, shading algorithms, Gouraud & Phong, color models like RGB, YIU, copy, HSV etc.

Unit 5
Introduction to multimedia, multimedia components; multimedia hardware, SCSI, IDE, MCI, Multimedia data and file formats, RTF, TIFF, MIDI, JPEG, DIB, MPEG, Multimedia tools, presentations tools, Authoring tools, presentations. Graphics animation : Tweeking, Morphing simulating accelerator, motion specification.

Reference Books:
1. Foley, Van Dam, Fundamentals of Interactive Computer Graphics, Addison Wesly
2. Hearn and Baker Computer Graphics, Prentice Hall of India
3. Rogers D.F. Procedural Elements of Computer Graphics, McGraw Hill
4. Prabhat K. And leigh and Kiran Thakkar, Multimedia System Design, PHI.
5. Roger S. David Mathematical Elements for Computer Graphics, McGraw Hill
6. R Steimnetz, K Nashtet, Multimedia Computing Communications & Appl., PHI
7. John F.K. Buford, Multimedia System, Addision W esley

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