RGPV/RGTU Computer Networking Syllabus "New Scheme"

Branch: Computer Science & Engineering VI Semester.
Course: CS 6515/ CS604 Computer Networking

Unit I

Importance of computer networks, Broadcast and point to point networks, local area networks, and wide area neworks, Introduction to ISO-OSI reference model, TCP/IP refrece model, Function of each layer, interfaces and services, Protocol data unit, Connection oriented and connection less services, service primitives, comparision of TCP/IP and ISO-OSI reference model, Novel Netware, Arpanet, X.25

Unit II
Evolution of Computer Networks - Layered Network architecture, OSI Layers Model, transmission media – topology, error detection & Correction techniques, Parity checks, CRC, Asynchronous and synchronous transmission, TDM, FDM.

Unit III
Data-Link layer: Different Types of line discipline, simplex, Half duplex and full duplex, Flow control
stop and wait protocol, sliding Window Protocol With their efficiency, AR techniques & their
performance, HDLC.

Unit IV
LAN : Static & Dynamic channel allocation, Media access control for LAN & WAN;ALOHA : pure, slotted ALOHA, CSMA, CSMA/CD IEEE 802 standards for LAN & MAN: 802.3, 802.4,802.5, 802.6 and 802.2 & their comparison Fast LANs : fast Ethernet, FDDI,

Unit V
Routing: Definition, Elements of routing techniques, Least Cost Routing algorithm Dijkstra's algorithm, Bellman-ford algorithm, Routing Strategies, Congestion Control encryption & de-encryption
techniques, Internet working, Internet and Intranet
Suggested Instructional Strategies
All units required the Lecture, Tutorial, Practical and Seminar.

Suggested List of Experiments
1. Study of different types of LANs
2. Channel Capacity
3. B/W - Noise relation
4. Internet
5. Simplex, half duplex, full duplex
6. TDM
7. FDM
Suggested further readings
1. Computer Networks - Tanenbaum A. S. PHI.
2. LANs - Keizer
3. Computer Networks - Stalling W., PHI.
4. ISDN & Broadband
5. ISDN: Stalling W., PHI.

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