RGPV/RGTU 7th semester Network Management Syllabus

B.E. Computer Science & Engineering,
VII (7th) semester COURSE CONTENTS
Course: CS7101 Network Management

Protocols and architecture , Protocols , Characteristics , Functions , Need for multiple protocols , Conceptual layers of multiple protocol software , Protocol layering principles , Multiplexing and Demultiplexing.

Internet Protocol , Virtual network , Internet architecture and philosophy , Purpose of the internet protocol , Internet diagram , Routing in an internet , table driven IP internet , IP routing algorithm , Internet control message protocols (ICMP) , Internet protocol version 6 , Features , Format , Source routing , Options , address space assignment , User data gram protocol , Format of UDP messages , UDP encapsulation and protocol layering.

Transmission control protocol, Need for stream delivery, Properties of reliable delivery service, Ports, Connections and pins, Window size and flow control - TCP segment format, Acknowledgement, Timeouts, Robustness, Establishing and clearing TCP connects.
Route discovery protocols, Core, peers, Gateway to gating algorithm (GGP), Routing, Autonomous system concepts, Exterior gateway protocol, Routing information protocol (RIP), The Hello protocol, Open shortest path first protocol (OSPF).
Application layer protocols, TELNET protocols, File transfer protocols (FTP), Simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP), X-Window system protocol, Remote procedure call, Network file system, proof to point protocol.

Unit -IV
General structure of a network management product , Information extraction and collection instruments , Monitoring principles , Instruments supporting physical network management , Line monitors , Data scopes , network monitors , Instruments supporting logical network management , Accounting packages , Application monitoring , Communication monitors , Security monitors , LAN monitors.

Configuration management , Configuration management functions , Inventory managements , Network topology services , Order processing and provisioning , Charge management directory services.
Fault management, Processes and procedure , Fault management functions , Performance management , Security management , accuracy management , Network capacity planning.

• Uyless Black, TCP/IP and related protocols, McGraw Hill.
• Udupa, Network Management System Essentials, McGraw Hill.
• Doughals E. Comer, Internetworking with TCP/IP Vol. I , Principles, Protocols, and Architecture, Prentice Hall, India.
• Kernel Terplan, Communication Network management, Prentice Hall of India.

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