IT 7th sem IT 723 Bioinformatics Syllabus RGTU/RGPV Information Technology Syllabus

IT 723 Bioinformatics SYLLABUS 
 RGTU/RGPV IT 7th sem Bioinformatics SYLLABUS
Information Technology IT 7th Semester Syllabus,
IT 723 Bioinformatics Course Contents:

Unit I: Introduction to bioinformatics: Definition and History of Bioinformatics, Application and research of bioinformatics, finding Bioinformatics data online Bioinformatics, private and future data sources,  Meta data Summary and reference systems.

Unit II: Bioinformatics Database: Characteristics and categories of Bioinformatics database,  Navigating databases, Information retrieval Systems, Sequence database Nucleotide(primary and Secondary), Protein sequence, Structure Databases: File Formats, Protein Structure, PDB, MMDB, CATH, Other Database Enzyme, MEROPS, BRENDA, Pathway databases

Unit III: Bioinformatics Tools: Need for tools, Industry Trends, Data Mining Tools, Data Submission tools: Nucleotide Sequence, protein Submission tools, Data Analysis tools: Nucleotide Sequence,  protein Sequence, Prediction Tools: Phylogenetic trees, Gene prediction, Protein Structure and Function prediction, Modeling Tools: 2D and 3D Protein Modeling.

Unit IV: Bioinformatics Algorithms: Classification of Algorithms, Biological Algorithm, Sequence Comparison Algorithm, Substitution Matrices Algorithms, Sequence Alignment Algorithm ,Gene Prediction Algorithm.

Unit V: Bioinformatics Software: Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST),Purpose of BLAST,BLAST Analysis, Purpose of BLAST II, Scoring Metrics, PAM, BLOSUM, Working of BLAST. Introduction of HMMER, Practical example of HMMER.

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 Rastogi, S.C. ,Mendiratta N, “Bioinformatics Concepts,Skill & Applications”, CBS Publishers.
 Claverie, J.M and Notredame C, “Bioinformatics for Dummies”, Wiley Editior.

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