IP-604 NC Machines And Non Conventional Machining Syllabus
 RGTU/RGPV NC Machines And Non Conventional Machining SYLLABUS
Industrial Production Engineering IP 6th Semester Syllabus

Unit 1.Numerical Control: Concepts and types, position and motion control, constructional features of NC machines, CNC, DNC and machining center, adaptive control, programming of CNC machines MIRAC and TRIAC, machine axis definition, programming words, EIA codes, CNC canned cycles, Gcodes and M-codes for CNC lathe, absolute and incremental programming; canned cycles of CNC milling machine.
Unit 2 Computer Assisted Part Programming: The APT System, continuous path part programming, geometry statements, part programming and debugging, computations; decisions and looping, subscripted variables, macro definitions, characteristics and limitations of macro, introduction to multiaxis programming, pocket machining methods, surface machining methods, automated part program generation.
Unit 3 Rapid Prototyping: fundamental of rapid prototyping, rapid prototyping technologies, liquid based rapid prototyping system, solid based rapid prototyping system, application issues in rapid prototyping, design, engineering analysis and planning, micro fabrication and nanofabrication technologies, micro fabrication process, Introduction to nano-technology.
Unit 4 Modern Machining Process: Introduction and classification, abrasive jet m/c: principles, process parameters, metal removal rate, effect of parameters, application & limitations; ultrasonic m/c: principles, process parameters, cutting tool design, tool feed mechanism, transducer, design of velocity transformers, mechanics of cutting, effect of parameters, economic considerations, application & limitations; chemical m/c: chemical milling, chemical engraving, chemical blanking, principles and process parameters; electrochemical m/c: classification, principles, elements of process, metal removal rate, electro-chemistry of process, dynamics and hydrodynamics of process, optimization analysis, choice of electrolytes, electrochemical grinding, deburring and honing: principles and process parameters.
Unit 5 Electrical Discharge M/c (EDM): Mechanisms of metal removal, basic circuitry, evaluation of metal removal rate, m/c accuracy, surface finish, analysis for optimization, tool material, dielectric fluid, application & limitation; Laser Beam m/c: features, metal removal, thermal analysis, cutting speed and accuracy, application & limitation, micro-drilling by laser; Electron Beam m/c: theory, forces in m/c, process capability. Plasma Arc M/c: Non-thermal generation of plasma, mechanics of metal removal, various parameters, accuracy and surface finish, applications.
1. Groover, Production System & CIM, P.H.I.
2. Ghosh & Malik; Production Process
3. Zeid, CAD/CAM Theory & Practice, McGraw-Hill
4. Numerical Control Programming in APT Irvin H Kral Prentice Hall
5. CNC Programming Manual TRIAC; CNC Programming Manual MIRAC
5. Rowe; Industrial Manufacturing Process; Arnold.
6. Pandey & Singh; Production Engg. Science; Standard Publishers.
7. Avitzur; Metal working; T.M.H.
List of Experiments (Pl. expand it):
1.Manual and computer assisted programming for machining parts on CNC-lath and milling machines
2.Study and operation of non-conventional machines