EX8302 Advanced Communication Systems EX 8th (Eighth) sem Electrical & Electronics Engineering(EX) Syllabus

EX8302 Advanced Communication Systems Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV  Advanced Communication Systems Syllabus
Electrical & Electronics Engineering(EX) VIII-8th Semester Syllabus

EX8302 Advanced Communication Systems Course Contents:

Introduction to spread spectrum modulation, Direct sequence (DS) spread spectrum, Spread spectrum with code division multiple access (CDMA), Ranging, Frequency hopping (FH) spread spectrum, PN sequence generation, Acquisition and tracking of FH signal and DS signals.

Satellite communication: Introduction to satellite communication, Frequency allocation active/passive synchronous ,Non synchronous systems, Orbits satellite attitude, Transmission path, Path loss, noise consideration link analysis, Satellite systems effective isotropic radiated power, Multiple access methods, Earth stations, Tracking and servo system, Up-down converters, Example of satellite systems.

Digital switching systems: Introduction to electronics and digital exchanges, Hierarchy of switching offices, Common control push button dialing systems, Switching matrix multiple stage switching time division multiplexing time slot interchanging (TSI), Comparison of TSI with space switching, Space array for digital signals, Combined space and time switching. Principles of FAX.

Mobile communication: Introduction to cellular mobile communication element of the cellular systems, Cell
design, hand off techniques, Frequency Management.

Local access networks: Improvement in convention cables: XDSL, ADSL, Wireless local loop, Fiber in local loop, radio Trunking. ISDN: Architecture, Services and Protocols, ATM networks

1. Radio Callins, Microwave communication.
2. Gagldardi, Satellite communication.
3. Thyggajan Vishwanathan, Digital switching systems.
4. Lee, Cellular and mobile communication
5. Karmile Fresher, Wireless digital communication.

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