EI702 Process Control EI 7th (Fifth) sem Electronics and Instrumentation(EI) Syllabus

EI702 Process Control Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV  Process Control Syllabus
Electronics and Instrumentation EI VII-7th Semester Syllabus

EI702 Process Control Course Contents:

Introduction: Historical Perspective, incentives of process control, synthesis of control system. Classification and definition of process variables. Mathematical modeling: Need and application of mathematical modeling, Lumped and distributed parameters, Analogies, thermal, Electrical, and chemical systems, Modeling of CSTR, Modeling of heat exchanger, Interactive and non-interactive type of system, Dead time elements, Developing continuous time and discrete time models from process data.

Control Modes: Definition, Characteristics and comparison of on-off, proportional, Integral, Differential, PI,PD,PID, Dynamic behavior of feedback controlled processes for different control modes, Control system quality, IAE, ISE, IATE criterion, Tuning of controllers Ziegler-Nichols, Cohen-Coon Methods, controller trouble shooting..

Realization of Control Modes: Realization of different control modes like P, I, D in Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic controllers..

Actuators: Hydraulic, Pneumatic actuators, Solenoid, E-P converters, control valves, Types, Functions,
Quick opening, Linear and equal percentage valve, Ball valves, Butterfly valves, Globe valves, Pinch valves, valve application and selection, Cavitations and flashing, Dampers and variable speed Drives.

Advanced Controls: Introduction to advanced control system like Cascade , Feed forward, Ratio, Selective, Override, Split range and Auctioneering control, Plant wide control. PI Diagrams: Symbols, Terminology, Case studies.

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List of Experiments
1. Designing of continuous electronics controllers, (P, I, D, PI, PD, PI D)
2. Study of Electro - Pneumatic Trainer kit and Pneumatic control valves.
3. Controlling of Temperature of water by continuous controllers (P, I, D, PI, PD, PI D).
4. Study of P to I converter and it's Interfacing to electro-pneumatic kit.
5. Study of I to P converter and it's Interfacing to electro-pneumatic kit.
6. Study of PLC and ladder diagram programming.
7. Controlling of flow meter through PLC.
8. Controlling of Bottling plant through PLC.
9. Controlling of Water level through PLC.
10. Implementation of traffic light control through PLC.
11. Controlling of stepper motor through PLC.
12. Study of rotary encoder and its controlling through PLC.

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