CM 302 Chemical Engg Thermodynamics Syllabus RGPV / RGTU B.E. Chemical Engineering(CM) III-3rd Semester Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV Chemical Engg Thermodynamics Syllabus
CM 302 Chemical Engg Thermodynamics Syllabus
Chemical Engineering(CM) III-3rd Semester Syllabus

CM 302 Chemical Engg Thermodynamics Course Contents:

UNIT-1 Basic concepts of work & heat system, properties and state of systems; first law of thermodynamics; application, batch flow processes; steady & unsteady state flow
UNIT-2 Critical properties corresponding state compressibility, PVT behavior of pure fluids virial equation, cubic equation, generalized correlation & eccentric factor, behaviour of liquid, second law of T.D, & its application.

UNIT-3 Carnot cycle, carnot theorem, thermodynamics temp scales, concept of entropy, calculation of entropy for varions systems, entropy for real system .

UNIT-4 Effect of pressure on specific heat, Joule Thompson effect, third law of thermodynamics & its applications.

UNIT-5 Compression & expansion of fluids; single stage, multiple stage requirements & efficiency along with effect & engineering along with effects clearance, compression of real gas.

1. Smith J.M and Van Ness- Introuction to Chemical Engg Thermodynamics – 6th edition
2. Daubert; chemical engg thermodynamic; TMH
3. Rathakrishnan E; Fundamentals of Engg Thermodynamics; PHI
4. Dodge B.F. Chemcail Engineering –Thermodynamics –McGraw Hill
5. Balzhiser Samules and Eliassen-Chemical Engg- Thermodynaics Prentic Hall
6. Sandler S.I Chemical Engg-Thermodynamics-John Wiley and son
7. Rastogi and Mishra-Chemical Engg Thermodynaics

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