BPharma, PY-601 Pharmaceutical Industrial Management 6th (VI) Semester RGPV / RGTU B Pharma, PHARMACY 6th (VI) Semester Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV PY-601 Pharmaceutical Industrial Management Syllabus
BPharma 6th sem PY-601 Pharmaceutical Industrial Management Syllabus
B. PHARMA-VI 6th - Sixth SEMESTER Syllabus (Modified on 27/01/11)

PY-601 Pharmaceutical Industrial Management Course Contents:

Status of pharmaceutical industries in India.
Project formulation, evaluation and implementation.
Pharmaceutical Factory Planning and layouts, preparation of flow diagrams, technical data sheets.

Pharmaceutical Management :
Concepts on Management, Principles of Management, Administrative and Operative Management Enterpreneurship Development.
Material management: Basic principles of Material Management, Purchase, Store and Inventory control.

Pharmaceutical Production Management :
Different aspects of Production Management , Performance Evaluation Technique, flow-process, know how process and maintainence.
Accountancy: Principles of accountancy, Journal entries and ledger posting, preparation of trial balance, cash book, bank reconciliation statement, rectification of errors, profits and loss account, balance sheet, purchase, keeping and pricing of stocks, treatment of cheques, bill of exchange, promissory notes and hundies, documentary bills.

Pharmaceutical Economics:
Principles of economics with special reference to the laws of demands and supply, demand schedule, demand curves, general principles of insurance and inland and foreign trade, procedure of exporting and importing goods.
Pharmaceutical Marketing: Functions, wholesale, retail, and mail order business ,market research.

Pharmaceutical Salesmanship:
Principles of sales promotion, advertising, and ethics of Sales, merchandising, Window display and literature detailing.

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