AU-704 Combustion and Heat Transfer AU, 7th (V) Semester Revised syllabus Automobile Engineering(AU)

AU-704 Combustion and Heat Transfer Syllabus
 RGTU/RGPV Combustion and Heat Transfer Syllabus
Automobile Engineering AU 7th Semester Syllabus 

AU-704 Combustion and Heat Transfe Course contents

Unit-I Combustion: Combustion phenomena of S.I. and C.I. engines, Stages of combustion- Photographic studies of combustion process- p-q diagrams in S.I. and CI engines. Abnormal combustion-Effect of engine variables on knock-Factors controlling combustion chamber design. Combustion chambers: Diesel engine combustion chambers open, Divided, Swirl, Turbulent and Ricardo's M Combustion chambers. Unit-II Heat Transfer in IC engines: Heat transfer, Temperature distribution and thermal stress in Piston, Cylinder Liner, cylinder head, Fins and valves. Variation of gas temperatures, Heat transfer coefficient and combustion system-Effect of engine load on piston temperature heat rejected to coolant quantity of water required.

Unit-III Measurements Flow meters-Volumetric type, gravimetric type-fuel consumption measurement in vehicles-Air consumption: Air box method, viscous air flow meter; flame temperature
measurement and pressure measurement.

Unit-IV Introduction to heat transfer: Temperature, Heat and thermal equilibrium, Modes of basic laws of heat transfer i.e. conduction, Convection and Radiations; Fourier equation and Thermal Conductivity, Derivation of the general form of heat conduction equation in Cartesian, Cylindrical Spherical Coordinates.

Unit-V Conduction Heat Transfer: Steady State Conduction, Heat conduction through plane wall, Composite wall, cylindrical wall, Multi layer cylindrical wall, and through spheres; effect of variable conductivity, Critical thickness of Insulation; conduction with heat generation, plane wall with uniform heat generation, Dielectric heating, Cylinder with uniform heat generation, Heat transfer through Piston crown. Heat transfer from extended surface, steady flow of heat along a rod, Governing differential equation and its solution, Heat dissipation from and infinitely long fin, Fin performance.

Unit-VI Convection Heat Transfer: Free and forced convection, Laminar and Turbulent flow, Newton- Rekhman Law: Convection rate equation, Nusselt Number; radiation heat exchanger; salient features and characteristics of radiation, Absorptive, reflectivity and transmittance; spectral and spatial energy distribution, wavelength distribution of black body radiation, Plank's law; total emissive power: Stefan Boltzman law, Wien's displacement law, Kirchoffs Law, gray body and selective emitters

1. Arora and Domkundwar, Heat and Mass Transfer
2. D.S. Kumar, Heat and Mass Transfer.
3. Frank Kreith, Heat Transfer
4. P.M. Heldt, Internal combustion engines.
5. V. Ganeshan Internal combustion engines.
6. Eckert and Drake, Introduction to heat transfer.
7. Jakob and Hawkins, Elements of Heat Transfer
8. Holman, Heat Transfer
9. S.P. Sukhatme, Heat Transfer
10. Kothandaraman, Heat Transfer Data Handbook.

List of experiments (please expand it);
Combustion and Heat Transfer AU-704
1 Conduction through a rod to determine t
2 Thermal conductivity of material
3 Forced and free convection over circular cylinder
4 Free convection from extended surfaces
5 Parallel flow and counter flow heat exchanger effectiveness and heat transfer rate
6 Calibration of thermocouple
7 Experimental determination of Stefen-Boltzman constant

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