7th Semester CM 701 (B) Safety Engg and Hazard Management Syllabus RGPV / RGTU B.E. Chemical Engineering(CM) VII-7th Semester Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV Safety Engg and Hazard Management Syllabus
 CM 701 (B) Safety Engg and Hazard Management Syllabus
Chemical Engineering(CM) VII-7th Semester Syllabus

CM 701 (B) Safety Engg and Hazard Management Course Contents:

Unit I Origin of process hazards, Laws Codes, Standards, Case Histories, Properties of Chemical, Health, hazards of industrial substances.

Unit II Toxicology: Toxic materials and their properties, effect of dose and exposure time, relationship and predictive models for response, Threshold value and its definitions, material safety data sheets, industrial hygiene evaluation.

Unit III Fire & Explosion: Fire and explosion hazards, causes of fire and preventive methods. Flammability, characteristics of chemical, fire and explosion hazard, rating of process plant., Propagation of fire and effect of environmental factors, ventilation, dispersion, purifying, and sprinkling, safety and relief valves.

Unit IV Other Energy Hazards: Electrical hazards, noise hazards, radiation hazard in process operations, hazards communication to employees, plant management and maintenance to reduce energy hazards.

Unit V Risk Analysis: Component and plant reliability, event probability and failure, plant reliability, risk analysis, HAZOP and HAZON, event and consequence analysis (vapor cloud modeling) Designing for safety, measurement and calculation of risk analysis.

Unit VI Hazard Assessment: Failure distribution, failure data analysis, modeling for safety, safety training, emergency planning and disaster management, case studies.

1. Crawl DA and Louvar J. A.; Chemical process safety fundamentals with applications- PHI
2. Wentz, Charles A; Safety, health and environmental protection – Tata McGraw Hill
3. Smith B.D.; Design of equilibrium state process ; Mc Graw Hill,
4. Van Winkle – Distillation – Mc Graw Hill, Book Co.

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