RGTU/RGPV TX 8th sem Major Project SYLLABUS TX 805 Major Project SYLLABUS Textile Engineering

RGTU/RGPV TX 805 Major Project Syllabus
Textile Engineering TX 8th Semester Syllabus

Branch : Textile Engineering, VIII Semester
Course: TX 806 Major Project

Objectives of the course Minor/Major Project are:
• To provide students with a comprehensive experience for applying the knowledge gained so far by studying various courses.
• To develop an inquiring aptitude and build confidence among students by working on solutions of small industrial problems.
• To give students an opportunity to do some thing creative and to assimilate real life work situation in institution.
• To adapt students for latest development and to handle independently new situations.
• To develop good expressions power and presentation abilities in students.
The focus of the Major Project is on preparing a working system or some design or understanding of a complex system using system analysis tools and submit it the same in the form of a write up i.e. detail project report. The student should select some Real life problems for their project and maintain proper documentation of different stages of project such as need analysis market analysis, concept evaluation, requirement specification, objectives, work plan, analysis, design, implementation and test plan. Each student is required to prepare a project report and present the same at the final examination with a demonstration of the working system (if any)Working schedule The  faculty and student should work according to following schedule: Each student undertakes substantial and individual project in an approved area of the subject and supervised by a member of staff.The student must submit outline and action plan for the project execution (time schedule) and the same be approved by the concerned faculty. Action plan for Major Project work and its evaluation scheme #(Suggestive)Task/Process Week Evaluation Marks For Term Work# Orientation of students by HOD/Project
1st - -Literature survey and resource collection
2nd - -Selection and finalization of topic before a committee*
3rd Seminar-I 10 Detailing and preparation of Project (Modeling, Analysis and Design of Project
4th to 5th - 10 Development stage Testing, improvements, quality control of project
6th to 10th 11th- 25
Acceptance testing 12th - 10
Report Writing 13th to 15th - 15
Presentation before a committee (including user manual, if any) 16th - Seminar-II 30 * Committee comprises of HOD, all project supervisions including external guide from industry (if any) # The above marking scheme is suggestive, it can be changed to alternative scheme depending on the type of project, but the alternative scheme should be prepared in advance while finalizing the topic of project before a committee and explained to the concerned student as well.
NOTE: At every stage of action plan, students must submit a write up to the concerned guide:

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