IT 6th sem Software Engineering Syllabus IT605 Software Engineering Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV IT605 Software Engineering and project management  Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV Software Engineering SYLLABUS
Information Technology it 6th Semester Syllabus

PROGRAMME: Information Technology
COURSE: IT605 Software Engineering and project management 

Unit I 
Introduction, Software- problem and prospects Software development process: Software life cycle models, Open source software development, the unified process, documentation, configuration management, Safety, risk assessment.

Unit II   
Measures, Metrics and Indicators, Metrics in the Process and Project Domains, Software Measurement, Metrics of Software Quality, S/W reliability, Software estimation techniques, loc and FP estimation. Empirical  models like COCOMO, project tracking and scheduling, reverse engineering. 

Unit III 
Software requirements and specification: feasibility study, Informal/ formal specifications, pre/post conditions, algebraic specification and requirement analysis models, Specification design tools. Software design and implementation: Software design objectives, design techniques, User interface design, modularity Functional decomposition Data flow design, Data structure design, Object-oriented design, Design patterns  implementation strategies like top-down, bottom-up, team etc. 

Unit IV  
Coding standard  and guidelines, programming style, code sharing,  code review, software components, rapid prototyping, specialization, construction, class extensions, intelligent software agents, reuse performance improvement, debugging. Software Testing Strategies: Verification and Validation, Strategic Issues, test plan, white box, black-box testing, unit and integration testing, system testing test case design and acceptance testing, maintenance activities.

Unit V   
Organizing: Alternatives for project managers,  matrix organization, Staffing, Directing: leadership, delegation, motivation, Controlling  risk analysis and RMMM plan, project scheduling and tracking plan, SQA and quality planning, SCM activities and plan, project management plan. Re-engineering, reverse, forward engineering, web engineering, Software project management standards

IT605 Software Engineering and project management References:
1.  Software Engineering. A Practitioner's Approach by P,S. Pressman New edition McGraw.
2.  Software project Management from concept to development Black Book by Kieron Conway, Dreamtech Press.
3.  Software Engineering principle and practices- Deepak Jain Oxford University Press.
4.  Software Engineering for students 4/e - Bell Douglas Pearson Education
5.  Software Project Management, Kelkar, PHI Learning

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