IT 4th Sem Data Base Management System (DBMS) Syllabus IT 403

IT-403 Data Base Management System (DBMS)  SYLLABUS 
 RGTU/RGPV Data Base Management System (DBMS) SYLLABUS
Information Technology IT 4th Semester DBMS Syllabus,

Unit 1 Basic Concepts: DBMS Concepts and architecture Introduction, Review of file organization  techniques, Database approach v/s Traditional tile  accessing approach, Advantages of database  systems, Data models, Schemas and instances, Data independence, Functions of DBA and designer.  Entities and attributes, Entity types, Value, Sets, Key attributes, Relationships, Defining the E-R  diagram of database, 

Unit 2: Data models and Relational Databases Various data models, Basic concepts of Hierarchical  data model, Network data model, and Relational data model, Comparison between the three types of  models, Relational Data models: Domains, Tuples, Attributes, Relations, Characteristics of relations,  Keys, Key attributes of relation, Relational database, Schemas, Integrity constraints, Intension and

Unit 3: Structured Query Language Relational Query languages: Relational algebra and relational  calculus, Relational algebra operations like select, Project, Join, Division, outer union.  SQL: Data  definition in SQL, update statements and views in SQL QUEL & QBE: Data storage and definitions,  Data retrieval queries and update statements.

Unit 4: Database Design Data Base Design: Introduction to normalization, Normal forms, Functional  dependency, Decomposition, Dependency preservation and lossless join, problems with null valued  and dangling tuples, multi-valued dependencies.

Unit 5: Advance Concepts: Introduction to: Distributed databases, protection, security and integrity  constraints, concurrent operation on databases, recovery and transaction processing, basic concepts of  object oriented data base system and design.
1. Elmasri, Navathe, “Fundamentals Of Database Systems”, Addision Wesley
2. Korth, Silbertz, Sudarshan, “Database Concepts”, McGraw Hill
3. Toledo; Data base management systems;TMH
4. Panneeselvam “Database Management System” PHI
5. Date C J, “An Introduction To Database System”, Addision Wesley
6. Majumdar ; DBMS; TMH
7. Fundamental of Data Base Management System by Leon & Leon, TMH
8. Oracle 9i Database Administration fundamental – I, volume 1, Oracle Press.

Suggested list of experiments(expandable): -
In this subject the students are supposed to prepare a small database application in complete semester  like financial accounting system, Railway reservation system, institute time-table management system,  student record system, library management system, hospital management system in RDBMS  (preferably ORACLE 9i 10g).

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