EI 6th sem Medical Instrumentation Syllabus EI 604 Medical Instrumentation Electronics and Instrumentation Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV EI-604 Medical Instrumentation Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV  Medical Instrumentation SYLLABUS
Electronics and Instrumentation EI 6th Semester Syllabus

PROGRAMME: Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
COURSE: EI604 Medical Instrumentation

Unit I  
Introduction to the physiology of cardiac, nervous and muscular and respiratory systems. Neuromuscular interface Transducers and electrodes : Different types of transducers selection for  Biomedical applications, Electrode theory, different types of electrodes Hydrogen  Calomel, Ag~AgCl, pH, P02, PC02 electrodes, selection criteria of   electrodes.

Unit II
Cardiovascular measurement The heart and other cardio vasuclar systems, Measurement of Blood Pressure, Blood flow, Cardiac output and Cardiac rate, Electrocardiography, Phonocardiography, Plethysomography, Magnet- Cardiography, Cardiac pace-maker, Defibrillator, Computer applications.

Unit III
Measurement of Electrical Activities in Muscles and Brain Electromyography, Electroencephalograph and their interpretation. Respiratory System Measurement Respiratory mechanism, Measurement of gas volume, flow rate carbon dioxide and   oxygen concentration in inhaled air, respiratory controller.

Unit IV
Instrumentation for Clinical Laboratory : Measurement of pH value of blood, ESR measurements, Hemoglobin measurement, oxygen   and    carbon   dioxide    concentration     in   blood, GSR measurement,  polar graphic measurements, Lasersur medicine.

Medical Imaging :   Ultrasound imaging, Radiography, MRI, Electrical  Tomography and applications. Biotelemetry. Transmission and Reception aspects of Biological signal via long distances.  Aspect of Patient Care Monitoring. Electrical shock hazards and prevention.

EI 604 Medical Instrumentation Suggested Instructional Strategies

1.  Instructional stress will be given on study of various systems of human body.  Lectures on Transducers and Electrodes and lab work on study of various types and electrodes will be performed.

2.  Class room input on various topics will be provided.  Related assignments and tutorials will be given to the students. Lab work on Cardio-vascular measurements may be performed. Exposure   of   Electro-physiological signal analysis using computer may also be given as lab work.

3.  Elaborated lectures and discussions maybe held on topics related to measurement of  electrical activity of muscle and brain.  Using computer signal analysis of EEG and EMG may be carried out as lab work.  Periodic assignments and tutorials may be given.

4.  Theory lectures will cover the topics of the unit.  Periodic assignments and tutorials may be given.

5.  Classroom input and discussions will be given for every topic of the unit.  Periodic assignments and tutorials may be given

6.  Apart from these, Seminar presentation and Minor project development work in related field will be done.

EI 604 Medical Instrumentation Suggested List of Experiments

1.  To record and study ECG of a person.
2.  To record and study EEG of a person.
3.  To record and study EMG of a person.
4.  To analyze ECG using a computer.
5.  To analyze EEG & EMG using a computer.
6.  To measure blood pressure of a person.
7.  To measure various respiratory volumes and parameters of a person.

EI 604 Medical Instrumentation Suggested Reading Reference:

1.  Biomedical Instrumentation – Pfiffer, Chromvell – PHI
2.  Medical Instrumentation – Webster – Willey
3.  Medical Instruments & Measurement – Carr – Asia Pearson
4.  Handbook & Biomedical Instrumentation – Khandpur - TMH

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