EE 6th sem Power Electronics Syllabus EE 604 Power Electronics Electrical Engineering Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV EE-604 Power Electronics Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV Power Electronics SYLLABUS
Electrical Engineering EE 6th Semester Syllabus

Branch: Electrical Engineering-VI Semester
Course: EE604 Power Electronics

Unit I   Power Semiconductor Devices
Power Diodes, Transistors, Power Mosfet, IGBT, Thyristors, Triaes, GTO thyristors,T hyristor  characteristics, Two-Transistor equivalent model, Turn on and Turn off di/dt protection.Thyristor performance  parameters, Thyristor types, Protection thennal design  of thyristors, Communication techniques-  forced and natural.
Unit II  Controlled Rectifiers
 Principle of phase controlled converter operation, Single-phase half wave, Full wave and semi-converters,  Three phase half wave, Full wave and semi converters and inverters, Dual converters, Power factor  Improvement, Symmetrical angle control, Pulse width modulation control, Effect and load and source  Inductance, Design of converter circuits, Regulated DC power supplies.
  Cycloconverter:  Principles of operation of single and three phase cycloconverters.
Unit III  AC Voltage Controllers:
   Principle of phase control, Single phase ac controllers with resistance and inductance loads, Three phase  as voltage controllers with resist ice and inductive loads, temperature and pan controllers, Lag Var controllers,  Unity  power factor controllers, Heater Design. 
Unit IV     DC Chopper:
 Principles of step down & step up choppers, Operation with R-L Load, Four quadrant choppers, Thyristor chopper circuits, Impulse commutation, Effect of source inductance, Chopper circuit design, Switched mode power suppliers, Buck-Boost regulators.
Unit V   Inverter Circuits:
 Principle of operation of voltage source inverter, Single phase and three phase inverters, Voltage control using PWM technique, Forced commutated thyristers, Current source inverters, Inverter circuit design.

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