EE 6th sem Electrical Machine Design-I (CAD Based) Syllabus EE 607 Electrical Machine Design-I (CAD Based) Electrical Engineering Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV EE-607 Electrical Machine Design-I (CAD Based)Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV Electrical Machine Design-I (CAD Based) SYLLABUS
Electrical Engineering EE 6th Semester Syllabus

Branch: Electrical Engineering-VI Semester
Course: EE607 Electrical Machine Design-I (CAD Based)

Factors and limitations in design, standard specifications, General problems in machine design such as insulation problem current carrying capacity of conductor,flux density,saturation,heat dissipation and temperature rise.

Magnetic Circuit:
Magnetisation curves,calculation of m.m.f. of magnetic circuit for a D.C. Machine(air gap irregularities,M.M.F. of tooth section etc.).Amp turns calculations for induction machine and synchronous machines.

Design of Transformers:
Choice of flux densities for yoke and core, current density, window space factor etc., determination of the main dimensions of the magnetic frame, design of low and high voltage windings, insulation details, calculation of resistance and leakage reactance., design of cooling system i.e. cooling tank radiators and tubes.

Design of D.C.Machines:
Output equation, Calculation of main dimensions, design of armature and field system, effect of commutation, design of commutator, brush and interpole, losses and efficiency.

Computer Aided Design
Flow Chart for design of Magnetic Circuit, Design of Transformer and Design of DC Machine.

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