CIVIL 6th sem Theory of Structure -II Syllabus CE 601 Theory of Structure -II Syllabus

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CE-601 Theory of Structure -II Syllabus
 RGTU/RGPV Theory of Structure -II SYLLABUS
CIVIL Engineering CE 6th Semester Syllabus

Branch: Civil Engineering-VI Semester
Course: CE601 Theory of Structure -II

Unit. I 
 Moment distribution method in analysis of frames with sway, analysis of box frames, analysis of portals with inclined members, analysis of beams and frames by Kani’s method.

Unit. II   
 Plastic analysis of beams and frames.

Unit. III 
 Analysis of tall frames, wind and earthquake loads, codal provisions for lateral loads. Approximate analysis of multistory frames for vertical and lateral loads.

Unit. IV  
 Matrix method of structural analysis: force method and displacement method..

Unit. V 
 Influence lines for intermediate structures, Muller Breslau principle, Analysis of Beam-Columns.
CE 601 Theory of Structure -II  Reference Books :-

1.  Wang C.K. Intermediate structural analysis, McGraw Hill, New York.
2.  Kinney Streling J. Indeterminate structural Analysis, Addison Wesley.
3.  Reddy C.S., Basic Stgructural Analysis, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company, New Delhi.
4.  Norris C.H., Wilbur J.B. and Utkys. Elementary Structural Analysis, McGraw Hill International, Tokyo.
5.  Weaver W & Gere JM, Matrix Methods of Framed Structures, CBS Publishers & Distributors, Delhi

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