CIVIL 6th sem Qty. Surveying & Costing Syllabus RGTU/RGPV CE 604 Qty. Surveying & Costing Syllabus

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CE-604 Qty. Surveying & Costing Syllabus
 RGTU/RGPV Qty. Surveying & Costing SYLLABUS
CIVIL Engineering CE 6th Semester Syllabus

Branch: Civil Engineering VI Semester
CE604 Qty. Surveying & Costing

Unit – I
Introduction: Purpose and importance of estimates, principles of estimating. Methods of taking out quantities of items of work. Mode of measurement, measurement sheet and abstract sheet; bill of quantities. Types of estimate, plinth area rate, cubical content rate, preliminary, original, revised and supplementary estimates for different projects.
Unit - II
Rate Analysis: Task for average artisan, various factors involved in the rate of an item, material and labour requirement for various trades; preparation for rates of important items of work. Current schedule of rates.  (C.S.R.)

Unit - III
Detailed Estimates:  Preparing detailed estimates of various types of buildings, R.C.C. works, earth work calculations for roads and estimating of culverts Services for building such as water supply, drainage and electrification.

Unit - IV
Cost of Works: Factors affecting cost of work, overhead charges, Contingencies and work charge establishment, various percentages for different services in building.
Preparation of DPR.

Unit - V
Valuation: Purposes, depreciation, sinking fund, scrap value, year’s purchase, gross and net income, dual rate interest, methods of valuation, rent fixation of buildings.

CE 604 Qty. Surveying & Costing Suggested Books:
1.  Quantity Surveying & Costing – B.N. Datta
2.  Estimating & Costing for Civil Engg. – G.S. Birdi
3.  Quantity surveying & costing – Chakraborty
4.  Estimating & Costing – S.C. Rangawala

CE 604 Qty. Surveying & Costing Practical & Sessional Works:
1.  Preparation of detailed estimate.
2.  Detailed estimate for services of plumbing and water supply or Electrification work.
3.  Detailed estimate for earth work for the road construction or arched culvert.
4.  Rate analysis for at least 8 items of construction.   
5.  Preparation of DPR of Civil Engineering Project.  

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