AU 6th sem Automotive Electrical And Electronics syllabus RGTU/RGPV AU-603 Automotive Electrical And Electronics syllabus

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AU-603 Automotive Electrical And Electronics Syllabus
 RGTU/RGPV Automotive Electrical And Electronics SYLLABUS
Automobile Engineering AU 6th Semester Syllabus

Unit 1 Automotive batteries: Starter batteries- principle, construction & operation of lead-acid battery; battery capacity, efficiency & rating; tests on batteries; charging methods; battery faults; battery maintenance; maintenance-free batteries; Traction batteries: Applications; electric traction; electric drive vehicle layout.

Unit 2 Starter and charging systems: Requirements; principle, construction & working of starter motor; starting motor drive mechanisms; starter switch; starting system faults; Generating system: Working principle of dc generator & ac alternator; armature reaction; cut-out relay; voltage & current regulator systems.

Unit 3 Lighting and auxiliary systems: Development of lighting technology; principle of automobile illumination; head lights; tail lights; traffic lights; Auxiliary systems: Speedometer; electric horn; wind screen wipers; alarm systems; central locking system; immobilizer system; power windows; different types of gauges.

Unit- 4 Electronic engine control and sensors: Need of electronic engine control; engine functions & control; electronic fuel control system; basic sensor arrangement; sensors & actuators; types of sensors-oxygen sensor, vehicle speed sensor, detonation sensor, maf sensor, map sensor, rpm sensor, throttle position sensor, temperature sensor.

Unit-5 Electronic fuel injection and ignition systems: Introduction; fuel back carburetor system; throttle body injection; multi point fuel injection; Robert Bosch gasoline fuel injection system; ford electronic gasoline fuel injection system; injection system controls; Ignition systems: Introduction; advantages of electronic ignition systems; principle, operation & types of solid state ignition system, electronic spark timing control.

RGTU/RGPV AU-603 Automotive Electrical And Electronics syllabus References:

1) Norm Chapman Delmar; Principles of Electricity And Electronics for Automotive; Cengage 
2) BOSCH-SAE; Automotive Electrics & Electronics- 
3) William B Ribbens- Newnes; Understanding Automotive Electronics- 
4) Tom Denton; Automobile Electrical And Electronic Systems; SAE
5) Kanemitsu Nishio; The Fundamentals of Automotive Engine Control Sensors; Fontis Media

RGTU/RGPV AU-603 Automotive Electrical And Electronics List of Experiments (Pl. expand it):

1. Study of lead acid and maintenance free batteries,
2. Study of starter and Bendix drive
3. Study of electric generation and charging systems
4. Study of lighting systems;
5. Study of electronic fuel injection systems
6. Study of various sensors and detectors
7. Study of vehicles control systems

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