AU 6th sem Automotive Chassis systems syllabus RGTU/RGPV AU-605 Automotive Chassis systems syllabus

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AU-605 Automotive Chassis systems Syllabus
 RGTU/RGPV Automotive Chassis systems SYLLABUS
Automobile Engineering AU 6th Semester Syllabus

Unit 1 Automotive chassis: Definition; chassis layout; types of chassis layout with reference to power plant location, steering position and drive on wheels; chassis components; chassis classification; Automotive frames: Construction; functions; loads acting; materials; types; frame cross sections; frame diagnosis and service; dimensions of wheel  base; wheel track; chassis overhang and ground clearance.

Unit 2 Front axle & steering system: Functions, construction & types of front axle; front wheel geometry; front wheel drive; steering mechanisms; steering linkages & layout; types of steering gear boxes; power & power assisted steering; electronic steering; four-wheel steering; terminology-reversible steering, under-steering, over-steering, turning radius.

Unit 3 Suspension system: Need; factors influencing ride comfort; types; suspension springs-leaf spring, coil spring & torsion bar; spring materials; independent suspension; rubber suspension; pneumatic suspension; hydraulic suspension, shock absorbers-liquid & gas filled.

Unit 4 Braking systems: Introduction, principles of braking; classification; brake actuating mechanisms; Drum brake- theory; principle; construction; working; Disc brake- theory, principle, construction, working; Parking brake- theory, principle; construction, types; Hydraulic system- theory, principles, master-cylinder basics, wheel-cylinder basics, tubing & hoses, valves & switches, brake fluid; Power brake- theory, vacuum-booster basics, hydraulic-booster basics, electro-hydraulic booster basics; Advanced brake theories; Exhaust brake; abs technology; factors affecting brake performance-operating temperature, area of brake lining, clearance.

Unit 5 Wheel: Forces acting on wheels, construction of wheel assembly, types- spoke, disc & built-up wheels; wheel balancing; wheel alignment; Tyres: Static & rolling properties of tyres, construction details, types of tyres- pneumatic & hydraulic; types of tyre-wear & their causes; tyre rotation; Bearings: Functions; classification of bearings; bearing materials; automotive bearings.

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RGTU/RGPV AU-605 Automotive Chassis systems List of Experiments (Pl. expand it):

1 Study of types of chassis layouts.
2. Study and Construction of front axle
3. Study and Construction of steering linkages.
4. Study and Construction of rigid axle suspension system.
5. Study and Construction of independent suspension system.
6. Study and Construction of disc & drum brake assemblies..

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