RGTU/RGPV CS-704 Industrial Training SYLLABUS (Six Weeks)

Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal (MP)

 RGTU/RGPV CS-704 Industrial Training  SYLLABUS
 Computer Science and Engineering 7th Semester Syllabus,

Revised syllabus and Scheme of Examination effective from July 2007


Duration: 6 weeks after the VI semester in the summer break, Assessment in VII semester.


For the assessment of industrial training undertaken by the students, following components are considered with their weightage.

(a) Term work - TOTAL 50

In Industry Marks allotted
1. Attendance and General Discipline 10
2. Daily diary Maintenance 10
3. Initiative and participative attitude during training 10
4. Assessment of training by Industrial Supervisor 20

(b) Practical/Oral Examination (Viva-VoIce) - TOTAL 50

In Institution Marks allotted
1. Training Report 25
2. Seminar and cross questioning (defense) 25

Marks of various components in industry should be awarded to the students, in consultations with the Training and Placement Officer/Faculty of Institute and I/c of training from Industry. During training students will prepare a first draft of training report in consultation with section in-charge. After training they will prepare final draft with the help of T.P.O./Faculty of the institute. Then they will present a seminar on their training and they will face viva-voce on training in the institute.

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