BE201 Engineering Physics Syllabus Practicals RGPV/RGTU BE 1st/2nd semester Syllabus

Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal (MP)
Course: BE201 Engineering Physics Syllabus
Branch: Common Semester BE 1st/2nd semester Syllabus
Revised Syllabus and Scheme of Examination Effective from July 2007

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List of suggestive core experiments: -
1. Biprism, Newton's Rings, Michelsons Interferometer.
2. Resolving Powers –Telescope, Microscope, and Grating.
3. G.M. Counter
4. Spectrometers-R.I., Wavelength, using prism and grating
5. Optical polarization based experiments: Brewster’s angle, polarimeter etc.
6. Measurements by LASER-Directionality, Numerical aperture, Distance etc.
7. Uses of Potentiometers and Bridges (Electrical)..
8. Experiments connected with diodes and transistor.
9. Measurement of energy band gap of semiconductor.
10. Other conceptual experiments related to theory syllabus.

Reference Books: -
1. Engineering Physics- V. S. Yadava, TMH
2. A T.B. of Optics by Brijlal and Subhraininyan.
3. Optics By Ghatak, TMH
4. Engineering physics by M.N. Avadhanulu and P.G. Kshirsagar. S. Chand & Co.
5. Fundamentals of engineering physics by P. Swarup, Laxmi Publications.
6. Atomic and Nuclear physics by Brijlal and Subraminiyan.
7. Introduction to atomic and nuclear physics- Harvey E. White- East-West Press, New Delhi.
8. Concepts of Modern Physics- Beiser, TMH
9. Laser Electronics – Verdryan, Eastern-Wiley and Sons.

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